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Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Set It, and Forget It!

Lauren Ernst

Hi Stunner, 

With the warm months among us, our makeup can tend to slip 'n slide out of place. 
Whether you're at a wedding, on a patio or playing in the park, you want your look to stay in place and look beautiful ALL day. 

If you are a beauty who loves to wear BB cream, tinted moisturizer or foundation, it's important to SET your base. That way, the chances of it moving or sliding on you is minimal. My ALL TIME fav powder to use (believe it or not) won't break the bank. In fact, it won't come even close!!!!

Stop what you're doing and visit your local Walmart or Target to get your hands on Cover Girl's Loose Setting powder in translucent. A LIGHT application of powder (with a super fluffy makeup brush - like THIS) will keep your makeup in place while the translucent shade will ensure that the colour of your face makeup will not change. WIN-WIN!!!!!!

Give it a try, jump in the sun (with a hat and SPF on, of course) and let us know how it went!
BB xo

#BrightLipThursday - TIP

Lauren Ernst

Hi Gorgeous!

Happiest of #BrightLipThursdays!
Today is the day we sport a bold pop of colour to be our best selves. 
Be positive. 
Be bold. 
Be supported. 

LOVE red lipstick but aren't ready to take the plunge? 
Try coral. This is THE perfect way to dip your toe into the waters of bold lipstick shades without feeling TOO over-the-top. Coral tiptoes perfectly on the border of subtle and bold without standing out too dramatically. 

Give it a try, snap a selfie and send it our way!
BB xo

GOOD. Now GO, Beautiful. xo

Lauren Ernst

Consider this a mindset, a strategy and way to overcome difficult times. Regardless of the situation, circumstance, outcome or experience - we can (most likely) answer with ONE word. 

Can this word be used AT ALL TIMES?
We're human.
We feel deeply, experience loss and come into difficult situations that often don't have answers for a positive spin. 

For the times where we have control or miss an opportunity, lean on THIS word. 
BB xo