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Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Comfy Cozy, no more.

Lauren Ernst

“There is not comfort in your growth zone & no growth in your comfort zone”

It happened on Saturday.
It’s Tuesday.
I think I’ve come to terms that it happened. :)

I was in a Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ) competition after 3 months of training!
It was THE most incredible, difficult, overwhelming and awesome thing I have ever done.

Does part of me want no part of participating in future tournaments?
Does that mean that I need to do one again? You know it.

No makeup. No competition experience. Minimal BJJ knowledge. No problem.
I showed up, brought friends and family, pushed forward as hard as a could, and got a taste of the podium. Was I in a group of three and won Bronze? YES. Am I proud? Without a doubt.

Thank you for all of the love, support, compliments about being strong and a great role model for my daughter. All of it.

Whether you’re in a BJJ tournament, presenting at your next team meeting, starting a business, taking your beautiful baby to daycare for the first time, we ALL have hurdles we are working to bound over. Support one another. Be there. Love.

BB xo


Why am I Doing This? No, Seriously.

Lauren Ernst

Whether it's learning a new language,
tying up your shoes before a long run,
having a difficult conversation,
picking up a barbell or diving into a new sport,
hard things are hard.

Recently, I leaned directly into something I never thought I would enjoy. 
To me, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is too close for comfort.
Proximity to your opponent, finding yourself in fight or flight scenarios, feeling out of control, learning to move your body in a new way, all of it was terrifying. 
The moment I realized that fear and discomfort were holding me back, I leaned in. 

Following a 2 hour intensive BJJ class with Jocko Wilink, Echo Charles and the Echelon Front Team, I was convinced.
Suddenly, the value became evident and the overwhelming nature of the sport became welcoming yet humbling beyond compare. 

Am I anywhere NEAR understanding the inner workings of BJJ? Not even close.
Am I humbled and motivated to train hard, soak up every second and lean on the incredible new family that have welcomed me in? You better believe it. 
Look at these silly photos! Dressed in the most ridiculous outfit for no-gi rolling (happens the last week of every month at our academy - where you don't wear a gi to train in) and I couldn't have a more goofy smile. I have never felt this strong. 

It has been less than three months that I have been taking class, and I've already seen a change in my body, my mind and my perspective. "Difficult" situations don't seem half as difficult any more. When you train as hard as the savages at the academy, difficultly, struggle and discomfort take on a whole new meaning. Now, I am even more motivated to lift heavy, eat well and get stronger. In such a short period of time I have seen a change in my body and my mind when it not only comes to fitness but to work and family as well. 

Try something hard.
Test your boundaries. 
I promise you, you'll seen beautiful changes inside and out. 

BB xo

image1 (59).jpeg

Could I look MORE silly AND happy? 

image2 (20).jpeg

Strong is beautiful, mama. xo

Better Together.

Lauren Ernst

In our busy BUSY world where work, families and our passion often compete for our precious time, it can be difficult to find balance. When you find women who are living THEIR best life and collaborating with others to strengthen their message, vision and impact, it's inspiring. 

This morning, while I was making my second coffee of the day, I spotted THIS. 
A beautiful article featuring Jennifer Freitas of The Truth Beauty Company (TBC) and Estée Lalonde, Canadian born, London-based vlogger. On June 20th, Jennifer and Estée joined forces for the first TBC "Be a Boss Babe" session at Jennifer's Waterloo location. Together, with 40 inspired attendees, Jennifer and Estée dove into how they created their successful brands and how one can begin to establish and showcase their own. Gone are the days where creating your own job or your own business are one-size-fits-all. Instead, businesses are multi-faceted and can present themselves as having "so many jobs within one job", Estée says.

Whether you are creating your own business, establishing your own brand or working on manifesting both in tandem, the work is never done. There is always more you can do.
It's hard. Really hard. 

What helps to inspire others?
Move the needle? 
Create space where we can feel inspired and act on our inspirations? 

The support of one another and the support of each other is monumental. 
We are strong, but goodness. We are stronger together. 

The second I read Ramona Leitao's "Defining 'Boss Babe' with Estée Lalonde (that was literally displayed face-up in the kitchen at work) I felt motivated. 
Motivated to share the article. 
Motivated to call attention to two women MAKING WAVES. 
Motivated to speak of the importance of supporting those in our community who are making their dreams a reality. 

Thank you to Ramona, Jennifer and Estée for all they have done and continue to do in this space. They are always looking to evolve and develop while leaning on their support systems to strengthen their message. Let's continue to be there for them and people like them. 

Happy Wednesday. xo

image1 (57).jpeg