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VeganCuts & the BeautyBox!


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

VeganCuts & the BeautyBox!

Lauren Ernst

Thank you so much for your questions and follow up on all things Beauty Subscription Boxes.  BlaireBeauty is happy to report that in addition to the incredible LittleLifeBox ( that we had the pleasure to test and review, we have also been sent a gorgeous monthly box from VeganCuts. Visit for the full scoop on the incredible companies and products they support, along with listings of past beauty box contents. 

What is VEGAN? Vegan is the absence of any and ALL products, ingredients and bi-products that come from animals. Even animal testing. You won’t find any of those things in products curated by VeganCuts. Ever! If someone follows a Vegan diet or lifestyle, they do not consume or typically purchase any products that come from animals – from meat, to eggs, leather and everything in between.  Gone and the days where makeup, skincare and beauty products need to contain any products or bi-products that have come from an animal. VeganCuts proves this daily and provides a host of incredible products that stay true to the Vegan lifestyle and outlook.

For $19.95 a month, VeganCuts curates a BeautyBox that is sent directly to your front door, monthly, containing 4-7 cruelty free products for you to try! From there, you can jump online and get in touch with the companies who supply the products inside your monthly BeautyBox for information, discounts and fabulous products to purchase at full size. If beauty and fabulous cruelty-free and vegan products aren’t your thing – VeganCuts also curates a SnackBox, full of vegan snacks and food items for you to enjoy. What a fantastic concept! Pay $19.95 a month for a company to send you incredible products that you may not otherwise get to try or learn about. YUM.

This month, BlaireBeauty was sent a BeautyBox filled with products that we were both familiar and completely new to. Ranging in style, type and purpose, October’s BeautyBox was all about radiance and “Light(ing) up the night sky with your radiant beauty”. What better way to achieve this goal then by using products that truly work together to treat your skin, provide colour and even a little glam to your every day. Please see below for a listing of all of the incredible products that were contained in BlaireBeauty’s October BeautyBox.


Suncoat – An all-natural, sugar-based mascara that contains natural pigments and vitamin E. Why not treat your eyes to mascara that is completely toxin free and does not contain any preservatives? Check them out via Twitter @suncoat for lots of wonderful information. You’ll be glad you did.

Lunatick Cosmetic Labs -  A talk-free eyeshadow in a high-shine metallic finish. Looking for a gorgeous new bronze shade to add to the inner corners of your eyes OR to be used as an eye liner? This shade is perfect. Visit @LunatiCK_Labs on twitter for more information and shade options.

Palmetto Derma – Ever reconnected with an old friend and remember how comfortable and enjoyable it is to spend time together? Palmetto Derma and BlaireBeauty are this way. Remember BlaireBeauty’s review of some of Palmetto Derma’s wonderful products? If not: Where have you been?? This Collagen Booster and Restoration Serum packs a mean punch and truly works hard to leave your skin glowing. Love you, Palmetto Derma!


Derma E – Looking for a soft and gentle way of removing dead skin cells and soughing off tired Fall and Winter skin? Derma E is a wonderful way of achieving this goal. This microdermabrasion scrub leaves skin smooth and soft thanks to the dead sea salt and volcanic sand contained within the product. 

Only Goodness Inside – A long-lasting, aluminum-free deodorant with dead sea minerals to keep you stink free! Why use chemicals on your underarms, in deodorant, if you don’t have to!? Only Goodness Inside is a great alternative to keep you feeling your best self. 

As BlaireBeauty continues to use and love the above products, we would be happy to provide additional reviews or information. Nothing beats finding new products that not only take care of business but also don’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. Thank you, VeganCuts for the lovely BeautyBox and for opening our eyes to the WONDERFUL world of cruelty free and VEGAN beauty products. BlaireBeauty looks forward to working with you again soon!