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Gorgeous, Natural, Delizioso Skincare


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Gorgeous, Natural, Delizioso Skincare

Lauren Ernst

Whether it’s skincare or beauty products, BlaireBeauty loves to take the time to test, use and provide feedback on all of the products sent our way. With Delizioso Skincare, there was no exception. From the moment that the gorgeous selection of beauty products arrived at our doorstep, we took the opportunity to truly dive in. From foundation, and eye shadow, eyeliner to lip products, BlaireBeauty had its hands full! Challenge excepted.

Delizioso Skincare was developed by two gorgeous sisters – Ariel and Leeona – with the goal to completely change the world of cosmetics and skincare. The moment Ariel and Leeona discovered the amount of toxic materials that are used within cosmetics and skincare, they knew they had to make a difference. Through extensive time, effort and research, these beautiful sisters developed a massive line of beauty and skincare products that avoid using many of the things the makeup industry leans on. Now, they basque in the glow of their extensively tested, water free, 100% natural, fresh, raw and truly pure products. Products and ingredients are sourced directly from small, fair-trade farms around the world ensuring that ingredients are genuine and undiluted. In addition, many of Delizioso Skincare’s ingredients are certified organic and avoid the use of synthetic chemicals. What does this mean for your skin? Thankfully, for sensitive skin BlaireBeauties, the risk of reacting negatively to Delizioso Skincare products lowers drastically. When harmful chemicals are avoided, the likelihood of the skin reacting negatively to foundation, cleanser, toner or lotion diminishes.

Based on past experiences with “all natural” foundations, eye shadows and lipsticks, it has been determined that they often lack intensity, colour vibrancy and staying power. Within one application of Delizioso products, BlaireBeauty can confirm that this is NOT the case. The foundation has beautiful, light, matte coverage. Eye shadows, even the brightest of shades, pack a mean punch when it comes to colour pay off and vibrancy. Lipsticks pop with the same colour payoff outside of the tube on the lips as they do inside. Even Delizioso’s eye liners, lip liner and mascara act and behave as you would expect a “normal” beauty product to. Now, these products are reached for just as frequently as Delizioso’s pricier more higher-end counterparts. If you are looking for the benefits of an all-natural makeup and skincare company who takes the time to research ingredients and source them from reputable sources, Delizioso is the way to go. After a great deal of product testing, dabbling in different looks and taking the time to wear each makeup look in a variety of weather conditions and temperatures…..BlaireBeauty can safely say that the Delizioso Skincare products we have tried are stunning and truly pack a mean punch in wearability, pigmentation and quality. Stay tuned for more inspiration posts and random BlaireBeauty love that is posted about Delizioso. Should you have any questions or follow-up inquiries on the product, how to apply it or what colours are best suited for you, feel free to reach out. In the meantime, visit for the full scoop on all things beauty and au natural. Best part? The colour quality and swatch samples are true to colour. BlaireBeauty was able to select foundation directly from the website and the colour fit beautifully! BB xo