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Keep it Fresh

Lauren Ernst

Be it a new route to work or that cute café uptown, it’s always exciting to try something new. Without a doubt, the same goes for makeup. Whether you opt for the same eye shadow routine every day, find yourself reaching for that fail-proof lipstick in your collection or chose not to wear makeup at all –getting outside of your comfort zone is essential to personal growth in and outside of your makeup bag. From the beauty guru to the makeup novice, there is always something to be learned and a new boundary to push beyond. Regardless of your makeup experience, let’s promise each other that we will keep things fresh and venture outside of our comfort zones both in and outside of our makeup bags.

For my gorgeous beauty beginners – Welcome! The beauty world is your oyster. Take some time with yourself in front of the mirror and remind yourself about how beautiful you are. From there, select one or two features that you truly love about yourself and wish to play up. 

Perhaps you have beautiful, full lashes, but they’re light in colour and tricky to see. Your new weapon of choice? Mascara! Thankfully, mascara is abundant in any grocery store or pharmacy and does not need to cost a lot. Although there is a lot of choice, stick to a brand that prides itself on volume and length in a colour that suits your skin tone. Black, Brown, Blue/Black or Brown/Black are definitely the way to go. From there, swipe away. You will be amazed at the difference a coat or two can make to your lashes. For a more natural look, stick to your upper lashes only. Looking to glam up your eyes? Add mascara to both the tops and bottom lashes – saving one coat for the bottom and two coats for the top. BEAUTIFUL!

In addition to mascara, lip gloss or a neutral hued lip balm is your best friend. Consider this an easy way to treat those weather-stricken lips with a little TLC while showcasing their beautiful colour. Opting for a shade that is a smidge lighter or darker than your natural lips will offer a new dimension to your face. Be it glossy or more of a matte finish, lip gloss or balm is an excellent way to add a hint of sparkle while protecting and treating your lips. In the summer, reach for a product with SPF. Your lips will thank you!

For my beauty gurus or gals who love their makeup – It’s time to branch out of your comfort zone and try something new. Without a doubt, we are all guilty of it. We own makeup, we have a collection that we use regularly or for a fun night out, but we only know how to use certain products or feel most comfortable reaching for specific items in a pinch. Now’s your time to spread your beauty wings and try something new.

An easy way of getting the most out of an eye shadow pallet, that you frequently use in a specific way, is to change up the colour placement. Although the pallet may encourage you to place a specific colour on your lid, crease and brow bone, mix it up! Try using the crease shade as your eye lid colour and rock a subtle touch of the eyelid colour in your crease. This will offer a gorgeous transition from dark to light and provide a natural smoky eye for a special night out. 

Find yourself reaching for the same lipstick on a regular basis? Opt for your favorite lip liner instead - outline your lips AND fill in the remaining surface area. From there, grab a beautiful neutral gloss and apply over top. Not only does this allow you to branch out of your lipstick comfort zone, but it truly offers up a new wearable look. Not only that, but you can begin to dabble in shades that you may never have in the past, at an affordable price. Lip liner tends to be less pricey than lipstick – consider it your sample of paint to place a test swatch in a bedroom. Take a look at the colour in different light, and pair each new colour with a variety of clothing options. The possibilities are endless.

What is my beauty comfort zone? Routine. Although I adore colour, a bright lip or mixing up the shades I apply to my eyes, I often use the same series of brushes or tools to place product. For me, reaching for an eye brow pencil rather than an eye shadow and brush OR using a fluffy eye shadow brush to apply an old shade of eye shadow all make such a significant difference. Applying product in a new form or a new way can truly change your look.

Together, let’s push the boundaries and feel comfortable keeping it fresh. Rather than making a new makeup purchase, try diving back into your own makeup and seeing what you can apply differently OR if you are new to makeup, use this time to familiarize yourself with you. From there, you can begin to highlight and draw attention to all of your gorgeous features.

Have fun, Blaire Beauties!