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Brush Rush

Lauren Ernst

Fluffy or domed, blending or fanned, brushes not only vary in size and price point but in the way they showcase product as well. 

Altering your brush choice when applying foundation, eye shadow or even a lipstick can drastically change the way your product looks and wears throughout the day. Sit back, grab a cup of java, and let’s chat brushes.

Are you the type of beauty who loves to apply eye shadow using the brushes or foam applicator from the pallet? 

Hands up. 

If that works for you, and you enjoy the looks you’re getting from that technique, keep it up!

If, however, you are looking to add some variety or change up the colour placement of your shadows on your eyes, consider a new brush or two.

Applying eye shadow using a brush with more fluffy bristles will apply product more evenly with controlled elegance and subtlety.

Stop in at your local drugstore or department store and reach for an inexpensive brush that has been deemed a crease brush or perhaps a fluffy or domed shadow brush. From there, have fun! Rather than applying your eye shadow colour to your lid using a brush that is tightly packed with bristles or with a foam applicator, dip your fluffy brush into the shadow and sweep over the eyes for a more soft and subtle look. I adore giving this look a try using one colour of eye shadow on the weekends. Rather than leaving your lids bare, reach for a warm champagne tone or something with a little gold sprinkled throughout.

If you are a Blaire Beauty who loves her smokey eye, a fluffy makeup brush is for you. Upon applying your neutral or smokey base colour, apply your deep shades using a smaller fluffy brush. By rocking the brush back and forth into the hollow or socket of your eye, you will achieve the most beautiful of smokey eye. Although your fluffy brush is known for applying shadow softly, you can build up your colour by adding two to three layers of shadow to your crease. With a clean blending brush, sweep a soft neutral shade above your gorgeous smokey colours to blend out the harsh lines.

Now, instead of using a foam applicator or a jam packed eye shadow brush to apply your smokey eye, your look will be that much more polished and beautiful with a natural sweep of colour.

When it comes to applying blush or bronzer, do you find yourself relying on the mini brushes that come with the product you have purchased? 

To be honest, rarely do the brushes that come packaged with product do the trick. 

Instead, pay your local drugstore or department store a visit and find a blush or bronzer specific brush for your gorgeous face. Best part is – the brush will be labeled as such! Please also feel comfortable grabbing a brush that refers to face powder. The bristles will be full enough to accommodate the powder you are using and distribute it evenly and flawlessly on your face. 
When applying bronzer in particular, the letter “C” is your best friend. Focus the powder on the hollows of your cheeks and sweet up towards you temples and only the sides of your forehead, tracing the letter “C”. Not only will this prevent you from obtaining harsh lines on your cheeks and in the hollows of your cheeks, but it will also blend the colour upward, towards your hairline, where the sunlight would naturally strike your face. 

“Natural” and “Sunkissed” is the name of this game – and using a fluffy face brush to apply your product in a pretty “C” shape will get you there.

For blush, grab a more full blush brush to apply a subtle application of colour to your cheeks. The more full the brush, the less harsh, even the most pigmented product, will appear. From there, dab your beautiful new brush into your blush, apply to the apples of your cheeks and sweep backwards, towards you ears. In two quick steps, with two brushes, you have applied a golden bronzer on your cheeks and added a pop of colour to your cheeks. Thanks to the fullness of your brushes, you can be confident in knowing that your application looks natural and stunning.

Give it a whirl, Blaire Beauties!