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To Prime or Not To Prime...


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

To Prime or Not To Prime...

Lauren Ernst

…THAT is the question.

Ever wonder what the deal is with makeup primers and if they are worth the hype?
Not to worry! Blaire Beauty has you covered.

Makeup primer is to the face as paint primer is to a wall before you apply paint.
Not only does it act as a base for your product to cling to, but it offers extra support to help your makeup last longer. It even helps to richen the tones that are applied over top and make them appear more true.

Makeup primer comes in all shapes and sizes and is truly a personal preference.
For me, I can no longer live without a great eye lid primer, also known as “eye shadow base”.
Similar to what the name implies, an eye shadow primer is an excellent way to help your shadow go the distance, prevent creasing and keeps your eye shadow looking like it does in the compact/pan.

My go to: Maybelline Colour Tattoo Gel Eye shadow. Although this product is designed to be used as a stand-alone shadow, it is the perfect product to coat your lid with before applying shadow. Select a neutral tone if you would like your shadow to appear as it does in the compact OR reach for a more colourful eye shadow base to intensify your shadow. For example, if you were to pair a blue eye shadow with a blue eye shadow base – LOOK OUT! Your blue shadow will appear more rich and beautiful. What a gorgeous look!

Recently, I have discovered face primer. Although I apply foundation, set it with a power and tend to avoid creasing and product breakdown throughout the day, I wanted to give a primer a try. Face primer is excellent for women who have combination or oily skin. Not only does it hold your makeup in place, it prevents makeup from changing appearance throughout the course of the day. Primer or skin blurring products also work wonders on reducing the appearance of pores and fine lines.

My go to: Maybelline Baby Skin. There seems to be a trend here with Maybelline and primer. They know how it’s done! Best part? These two products are very cost effective, pack a big punch and are easy to find.

Give it a whirl, Blaire Beauties!
Feedback welcomed and encouraged, ALWAYS. Does primer work well for you?