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Product Review - Real Techniques Brushes


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Product Review - Real Techniques Brushes

Lauren Ernst

When I first fell in love with makeup and the art of applying it on myself and others, I began to investigate the importance of brushes and the way they change a given face or eye look. For the longest time, I was under the impression that “you get what you pay for” when it comes to quality and longevity of a brush or brush set. The more you pay, the better the brush or brush set.

I am happy to advise that I have discovered a brush company that proves this concept very, very, wrong.

Certainly, in many instances, inexpensive brushes are cheap brushes. Meaning, if you pay less for a brush set or a single brush specifically, the life cycle of that brush or brush set is often extremely short. Bristles will fall out, the brushes themselves will not wash up nicely or they may even distribute colour in a haphazard way.

If you are looking for ANY type of brush, that will apply your makeup evenly, smoothly and pack the best punch when applying a bright bold shadow – Real Techniques brushes are for you

Developed by the beautiful Samantha Chapman, creator of the YouTube channel PixiWoo (, Real Techniques brushes are truly the best brushes I have ever used. From foundation, loose powder, bronzer and blush application to eyeliner and eye shadow, Real Techniques’ synthetic bristled brushes blend product beautifully and allow the beauty to really control where and how their makeup is applied.

Thanks to Real Techniques’ synthetic bristles and comfortable handle size, newbie and guru makeup lovers alike can apply their makeup with ease knowing that their brushes will hold up, go the distance and wash up beautifully - regardless of the pigmentation of the product. Gone are the days where your brushes remain stained or you need to worry about bristles dropping from the brush itself. Real Techniques brushes take your product from pan or pallet, to your beautiful face without fallout or significant clean up.

In addition to supporting a fellow beauty guru and knowing that Real Techniques brushes are one of the best brush companies on the market – they are available through Walmart and many US drugstores, making prices VERY affordable and cost effective. Gone are the days where you need to spend a great deal to get a great deal. Keep in mind, not all inexpensive brushes are considered equal. That is the best part about Real Techniques brushes – they are both cost effective and incredible quality. Not all brushes, at the same price point, behave the same.

Websites to help locate Real Techniques Brushes Near You:
Real Techniques Website:
Purchase Brushes Online:
A Walmart near you:

Give these brushes a try, Blaire Beauties, and let me know how it goes!
I assure you, you will love them. 

BB xo