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In the Mix


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

In the Mix

Lauren Ernst

Thanks to Mother Nature, our skin is forced through a series of changes throughout the seasons. Skin texture and colour often adapts to the weather outside and the temperature of the place we spend our time in. 

For the BlaireBeauties who sport foundation, regardless of the season, this one’s for you. 
For the BlaireBeauties who opt out of the foundation race, stick around. There is some helpful information here for you too.

Foundation Station – 
Whether it’s the dead of Winter or the warmest day of the Summer, your foundation can be tweaked to not only get the best bang for your buck but to also make sure that you’re looking your best. Rather than purchasing a shade lighter or darker during the off season to accommodate your change in skin tone, try mixing two foundations together to obtain your perfect shade. If the foundation you wear during the Winter is a little more rich than you would like for the Summer, try adding your face primer or some of your favorite moisturizer to the mix. Not only will your thirsty skin thank you, but it will also lighten the formulation. Same goes for colour – if your foundation choice for Summer is a little too dark for the Winter months, grab a lighter shade and mix away!

Tip: I love to change the formulation of my foundation, not just the colour, depending on my skin’s condition. If my skin is a little on the thirsty side, I will mix my everyday matte foundation with a more moisture rich luminous tinted moisturizer. Not only does this lighten the colour and texture of my everyday foundation, but it changes the look of the product completely. “Revlon Colour Stay” and “Cover Girl 3 in 1” mix beautifully and apply like a dream to the skin. Not only that…Cover Girl 3 in 1 lightens the texture of Revlon Colour Stay slightly and provides a slightly lighter application. Rimmel’s “Wake me Up” foundation is also a nice booster to any foundation. The luminous glow of the product combines with matte foundations to provide a subtle glow. Give it a whirl!

Foundation and Fancy Free –
A change of season can be a wonderful time to try something new. For those of you who prefer a foundation free face, consider a tinted moisturizer instead of your everyday face cream. Not only do tinted moisturizers offer a little support to even out skin tone, they can often contain SPF as well. Regardless of season, colour correction and sun protection can go a long way in helping rejuvenate and nourish the appearance of your skin. 
Tip: The next time you are in the makeup isle at your local drugstore, try reaching for a face moisturizer with a slight tint. Aveeno, Nivea, and Body Shop offer lovely products that combine the feel of a light moisturizer with a subtle tint. Should you like to try a product with a little more colour power, try Rimmel’s “Wake me Up” foundation on it’s own, or a tinted moisturizer from a cosmetics line such as Revlon, Cover Girl or Rimmel. You won’t be disappointed.

Mix things up this season, and let me know how it goes via the Comments Section of the page. 
Good Luck, BlaireBeauties!