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Trend Setting


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Trend Setting

Lauren Ernst

One of the best parts about makeup and beauty products, is that they often reflect trends in fashion and hair – and vise versa. Ombré is a trend that has reached hair, clothing and now beauty.

Ombré, by definition is the shaded or graduated transition of colour moving from dark to light or light to dark.

Similar to a rainbow, ombréd tones fade from one to the next without distinct contrast. The softer the transition, the better.
In hair, this can be seen here ( where dark roots fade to lighter ends and here ( where a dress fabric fades from light to dark.

Recently, Ombré has made an appearance in beauty and makeup.
To take part in this trend, try incorporating it into your lipstick or eye shadow routine. From subtle to dramatic, incorporating one of the season’s hottest trends is a great way to try something new and stretch outside of your typical makeup routine.

Check this out! Ombré for your lips -

If Ombré is not for you, and you are looking to incorporate a fashion-forward look – the pages of your favorite fashion magazines are often a beautiful place to start. From advertisements to makeup looks from the runways, it doesn’t take much to get creative. From the colours that are used, to the manner in which a model’s eyebrows have been shaped for a certain fashion show, inspiration is everywhere!

Where does YOUR inspiration come from, BlaireBeauties? xo