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Brush Cleaning Day


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Brush Cleaning Day

Lauren Ernst

Cleaning our makeup brushes is definitely something that we ALL know we should do, but rarely do. Interestingly enough, makeup brushes - similar to paint brushes or a foam paint
roller - need to be cleaned and maintained. Cleaning your tools of the trade not only ensures that your makeup applies evenly and smoothly but it also prevents skin irritation.
Better yet - your brushes will last longer!

By using brushes that have not been cleaned in weeks/months/ever, you run the risk of sweeping contaminated product onto your face or into your eyes. I must admit, there have been instances where I have gotten lazy with brush upkeep, and have noticed a dramatic increase in skin clarity and breakouts. BlaireBeauties....I wish I was kidding. 

TIP: Select a day where you have 15-20 minutes to spare. Use this time to rinse and cleanse your brushes using a gentle formulated soap and warm water - keeping all cleaning solutions targeted on the bristles of the brushes. Rinse and cleanse until the water runs clear, dry each brush and lay flat to dry.  Laying brushes flat to dry, rather than up on edge, will prevent bristle loss and keep your brushes looking and functioning like new.

Since selecting a designated time to cleanse my brushes, I have noticed a difference in the beauty of my shadows and face products and clarity in my skin. 

Give it a try, BlaireBeauties! I assure you - clean brushes = clear and clean skin and richer pigments and wear of your favourite products. What's even better? Washing your brushes prevents you from using them....might be a nice way to include a makeup FREE day in your week.