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Colour, Please!


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Colour, Please!

Lauren Ernst

As seasons change, so do the beautiful makeup displays in local drug stores and makeup counters. Often times, these fresh new displays involve gorgeous pops of colour - from aqua to coral, vivid green to sky blue. Not sure how to wear them? You’re in luck.
If you are a BlaireBeauty who adores a neutral eye shadow combination or often avoids eye shadow all together, there are subtle ways to incorporate colour into your everyday look. Ranging in techniques from subtle to dramatic, introducing the beautiful shades of Spring and Summer into your makeup routine is possible for anyone.

If you adore bright eye shadow and are seeking a subtle way to showcase colour on your eyes, reach for a gorgeous bright eye shadow shade and use it to line your bottom eye lashes. Keeping your eye lid shadow colours neutral and rocking deep brown or black mascara will offer a beautiful setting for a pop for colour.  By pressing a brightly pigmented eye shadow into your bottom lash line, you will be able to play within the trend of bright colour without having to coat your entire lid in bright shades. This is also a nice way to tie your makeup to the clothing you are wearing that day. Have a beautiful blouse or sweater that contains a variety of colours and shades? Pull one of the colours contained in the article of clothing and match it to a shadow under your lash line. This will not only tie your look together but avoid looking too “matchy matchy”. Check this out:

Feel free to reach for a brightly coloured eye liner pencil as well. This too will do the trick and offer a more precise line. For a more smokey option, try layering a brightly pigmented shade of the same tone over your eye pencil. This will smoke out the line and keep it from moving throughout the day.

Another great, subtle, way of showcasing a little colour is through coloured mascara! Reach for purple, green or blue during the warmer months to add pizazz to your peeps. Wearing coloured mascara on your top and bottom lashes OR just your bottom lashes (with black mascara on the top) will give you a fun pop of colour without a great deal of commitment.
Here's a wonderful example:

For my bold BlaireBeauties, reach for two of three shades of the same shadow to create your perfect coloured smokey eye. Press the lighter of the shades on your lid and inner corners of your eye, blend your medium shade into your crease and slightly above, and rock your darker shade in the crease, towards the outside of your eyes. My favorite colour combination to wear this season are greens and teal. Stop by the BlaireBeauty inspiration page for a photo. Although this look is much more bold than a bright lower lash line colour, it’s a really fun way to mix up your smokey eye. Why play in a neutral palette when you can create a look that is smokey and gorgeous using colour?!
This is one of my fav looks!:

Last but not least, if you are a girl who loves the look of a single eye shadow colour, swept across the lid, this one’s for you. Reach for your pretty Spring or Summer shade and press the colour onto your eye lid – keeping the colour below your crease. To get this look, reach for a makeup brush with bristles that are tightly packed. This will allow you to press the colour onto its surface (after priming your lids!) without the colour falling onto your cheeks. From there, reach for a fluffy eye shadow brush, without any product on it, and blend the edges of the eye lid colour. In windshield washer wiper motions, let that fluffy brush pull and blend the eye shadow from the eye lid upward, just past your crease. This will provide you a beautiful wash of colour without any harsh lines or edges. Here is a gorgeous example: 

Give it a go, BlaireBeauties! Can’t wait to hear about how it goes. XO