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Give me Length!


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Give me Length!

Lauren Ernst

When it comes to mascara, the possibilities are endless. From formulation, to brush-type, price point to effectiveness, wouldn’t it be easier to have someone do the leg work for you? Consider it done, BlaireBeauties! I’ve got you covered!

Currently, I have two got-to mascaras.

If I am looking for a FULL volume and lengthening mascara, I reach for Maybelline’s The Falsies. The brush itself, is a synthetic bristle brush that allows you to pack on mascara as you desire. Never before have I used a mascara that allows me to build two and three coats without clumps. Instead, “The Falsies” builds to unveil a long and extremely voluminous lash – be it on the top lashes only, or top and bottom. This mascara truly rivals high end brands found in beauty supply stores and department stores. Furthermore, unlike other mascaras that tend to dry out and lose power as they age, The Falsies packs an even bigger punch as it ages. Win-WIN!

Find it Here:

Recently, I ran out of my Maybelline mascara. Rather than repurchasing my go-to brand, similar to only wearing your favorite pair of distressed ripped jeans, I wanted to branch out. All in the name of BlaireBeauty research! This time, I opted for CoverGirl’s Clump Crusher mascara in Black.  Unlike Maybelline’s The Falsies, the Clump Crusher mascara has a plastic bristled wand that allows for precise application of mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Upon opening the package and giving the mascara a go, I immediately noticed how snugly the mascara wand fits into the tube. This, without a doubt, is to ensure that no excess mascara is left on the wand. At first, it was bothersome – until I realized how effective this packaging was. CoverGirl’s Clump Crusher, similar to Maybelline offers a smooth application of product without tremendous build up or clumps. So far, so good, BlaireBeauties! The deciding factor on which mascara I prefer, will be how the Clump Crusher ages. Will it dry out and loose its potency? OR will it improve with age, similar to The Falsies. An updated review to follow.

Find it Here:

Last but certainly not least…
IF you are a BlaireBeauty who adores her department store makeup and money is no object – Dior’s DiorShow mascara is a total hit. It wears like iron, makes your lashes stretch to false-lash-length and is completely buildable. Similar to The Falsies, it gets better with age and pushes the limits of a mascara. People will start asking “Are those your real lashes”??

Find it Here:

Happy Mascara Shopping! xo