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Give Face a Chance

Lauren Ernst

I heart makeup. Whether I’m going to work, spending time with friends or lounging around the house on a Sunday. I dig the look of a full face of makeup. For me, it’s less about masking flaws and more about getting enjoyment out of the process. Selecting colour, discovering a new product and having fun during the makeup application process. Between makeup application and removal, our face can take a beating. Especially during the colder months. 

Thankfully, there are some splendid products on the market that can help rejuvenate our skin. From face masks to scrubs, rich moisturizer to makeup wipes – these things all help to balance our skin and prep it for the next beautiful makeup application.

Here are some of my favourite things to kick start my skin and get it ready for my favourite beauty finds.

Baby Wipes- Removing your makeup daily is incredibly important. Please promise me Blaire Beauties – GONE are the days where you go to bed with makeup on your face. That being said, soap and water can sometimes take a toll on our skin, especially in the winter. Instead, opt for baby wipes! Not only do they tailor products to sensitive skin but they also cut through anything from foundation to lipstick and waterproof mascara. Remove your makeup, let your face dry and apply your moisturizer, as normal. Your face will feel like silk. Nothing fancy is required – I opt for no name brand baby wipes for sensitive skin.

Scrubs and Masks- Face masks are the perfect way to recharge your skin, while having a relaxing evening. Face scrubs and masks can be found both inexpensively in drugstores and department stores or at a premium in more high end beauty shops. Regardless for what you reach for, be mindful of what skin treatment you are looking to achieve and how the mask can help. If you have dry skin that needs some help being removed, reach for a sensitive scrub with fine sugar or salt particles to assist. Through circular motions and a little water, you can remove dry and flakey skin easily. If you are looking for moisture and would like a mask to help with making your skin silky smooth, try reaching for a mask with cooling agents like cucumber and honey that can be left on your skin for 15-20 minutes and washed away. Both mask types have a place and time and can certainly assist with rejuvenating your skin. 

On the cheap, I reach for a no name packet of face mask from the drug store. For something a little more decadent, I adore GLAMGLOW’s “Supermud” to give my face a little extra TLC.

Moisturizer- Regardless of season or skin type, moisturizer is a must. Keeping your skin smooth and moisturized not only maintains it's beauty but preps the skin nicely for makeup, of any kind. After washing your face in the morning, or removing makeup in the evening, applying a thin layer of moisturizer to your face and neck will work wonders. Give it a try and see the difference a little extra TLC can make. No longer will your skin feel tight or stiff, after washing with soap and water. 

I am a fan of moisturizer that offers a great deal of moisture without a great deal of weight. In the colder months, I find myself reaching for my Body Shop body butter, that I use for my body, for my face. Who says you need a face-specific moisturizer?? In the warmer months, I love using an inexpensive shea or cocoa lotion to get the job done. Both smell incredible and keep your skin beautiful.

Before reaching for your makeup, give your face some love! Try it out, Blaire Beauties and let me know how it works for you!