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THE Essentials


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

THE Essentials

Lauren Ernst

For the BlaireBeauties who would much rather spend their money on a delicious cup of coffee or concert tickets over makeup, this post is for you. 
Regardless of your financial priorities, we all like to feel beautiful. That being said, it’s often tough to determine what products are essential to have in your makeup repertoire should you wish to rock a glam look or get fancy for a night out. 

Below, is my top 5 list of affordable products to help you step your game up without spending a fortune.

1)      A Tinted Moisturizer – Not only does this act as a wonderful treat for your face, to keep it hydrated and looking gorgeous, but it also acts as a colour corrector. This product will moisturize and protect your face from the sun’s harmful rays, while help to even out your skin tone and make you look refreshed. 
Try: Rimmel’s “Wake me Up” Foundation is a lovely, light weight, product that leaves your skin looking dewy and natural. Pair with a loose powder over top to prevent it from moving around during the course of the day.

2)      Blush and/or Bronzer -  Invest in one or both. I assure you, a little bronzer swept on your cheek bones, followed by a subtle pop of blush colour on your cheeks….GORGEOUS.
Try: Wet ‘n Wild Cosmetic’s SPF 15 Bronzer (yes, it contains SPF!!) in "Ticket to Brazil" & Hard Candy’s “Fox in a Box” blush

3)      Lip Gloss – Nothing pulls your look together more (and make your teeth look whiter) than a sweep of lipgloss. Opt for a gloss in a shade that is similar to your lip colour, only a shade lighter or darker
Try: CO Bigelow lip tinted lip glosses. Not only do they pack a mean colour punch, but they will also nourish and hydrate your lips. Available at Bath and BodyWorks 

4)      Mascara – If you are looking for one thing to add to your new makeup collection, this is it. Mascara can truly change the tone of your face and make you appear more awake. To start, place mascara on your top lashes only and step back from the mirror. Look at the difference between the eye with mascara and the eye without. Looking good! For a more dramatic look, apply mascara to the bottom lashes as well.
Try: Maybelline “The Falsies” mascara in the shade Black or Blackest Black

5)      An Eye Shadow Palette– A carefully selected eye shadow palette can mean the world to your new makeup collection. Not only can shadow be applied to your eyes, but it can also be blended into your eyebrows to frame your face. Reach for a pallet containing a combination of matte and shimmer shades to stretch your beauty budget. 
Try: If you are seeking an inexpensive option, Revlon, CoverGirl and Wet 'n Wild make lovely shadows. Willing to spend a little money? Kat Von D makes incredibly smooth and pigmented shadows. They wear all day and look stunning on all who wear them. Available at Sephora.

As your love for makeup grows, we can work together to find more products hat work well for you. Have fun, BlaireBeauties!