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Mi-Me & BlaireBeauty - SCRUBS


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Mi-Me & BlaireBeauty - SCRUBS

Lauren Ernst

Regardless of the season or temperature, sloughing off tired skin to reveal the beautiful layer below is always in style. Rest assured that the line between being too gentle and being too firm is fine. Instead, opt for scrubs specifically formulated to the particular parts of your body you wish to scrub.

Legs and arms feeling a little crocodile-scaly? Reach for a body scrub filled with sugar, salt or seed particles. These will remove any tired skin to reveal a beautifully smooth complexion below. If your face or lips need a subtle pick-me-up, reach for a scrub tailored to the sensitive skin in those areas. Not only will the scrub particles be smaller, but they will also be fewer. Although it is completely permissible to use a body scrub on your face, it may be too harsh or rough. Treat your skin and reach for scrubs that are designed to nourish the particular area of the body that you wish to pamper.

Recently, BlaireBeauty was fortunate enough to be sent some incredible products from Mi-Me, – two scrubs were contained. One scrub, was dedicated specifically for the body, while the other for the lips. Thanks to Mother Nature, my hands and feet have been quite dry from the Winter months. Thankfully, Mi-Me’s body scrub does an incredible job at sloughing off tired skin while moisturizing and nourishing the skin below. The BEST part about body scrubs, especially when they contain rich and nourishing ingredients, is their ability to dual as a shaking lotion. Although they do not foam, nor do they lather, the rich oils and moisturizing properties prolong the life of your razor while leaving your skin incredibly smooth. Give it a whirl! Mi-Me’s body scrubs are perfect for this exact purpose. Lots of options, scents and beautiful textures available. Check them out!

Lip scrubs, on the other hand, are something that I have enjoyed for many years. They allow your lipstick to wear longer and look flawless. When the skin under your makeup is fresh, hydrated and in wonderful condition, the products you apply on top, last and look beautiful. Lipstick is no exception. If you are looking for a lip scrub that removes tired and dry skin, while leaving your lips smooth and soft, reach for Mi-Me’s Coconut Lip Buffer. Not only does it do the trick of smoothing your lips and removing tired skin, it leaves your lips feeling pampered and beautiful. Pair that with an all-natural lip balm (my FAV is the tangerine) and you're kisser has never been more kissable! Best part? They all taste incredible!!gray-label/c1fcx)

Visit today for wonderful scrub options to add to your collection. They are gentle, hydrating and remove any tired or dry skin that may still be holding on from Winter. Looking for an alternative to shaving creams and lotions? Mi-Me’s scrubs are the way to go. They not only contain the perfect amount of particles to do the trick, but they also contain incredible natural oils to help sooth your skin and promote softness. Happy shopping and scrubbing, BlaireBeauties! xo