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Winged-Out Liner, Minus the Liner...


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Winged-Out Liner, Minus the Liner...

Lauren Ernst

As the weather gets warmer, we often look for ways to simplify our makeup routine - from more sheer formulations to reaching for our favorite products to play double duty, simple is the name of the game.
Although I adore the look for a dark brown or black winged-out eye liner, eye shadow can also pack a mean punch when it comes to achieving the same feline flick.

How does one achieve the look of a crisp, clean winged out liner with eye shadow??
Place a small piece of scotch tape from your lower lash line angled upward towards the end of your eye brow. This will ensure that no eye shadow fall beneath the angled edge of the tape. Form there, concentrate your shadow pigmentation along the edge of the tape and blend inward, towards the inner corner of your eye.
Once you are happy with the gradient of the colour, remove the piece of scotch tape slowly. You will be blown away by the crisp, clean edge that the tape leaves behind. Not only that, you are left with a gorgeous cat-eye-like appearance without having to worry about the precision of a liquid or gel black eye liner.

Check out the BlaireBeauty Inspiration page for some helpful photos. Subtle, yet intricate.
Without a doubt, one of THE easiest ways to achieve a winged out liner look, without the extra time or steady hand necessary to use eye liner.

Give it a whirl, and let me know how it goes!
BB xo