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Deslicking the Mystery of Serum


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Deslicking the Mystery of Serum

Lauren Ernst

What is the scoop on serums?! Be it for your hair or your skin, do they really work? HOW do they work? Serums, similar to a moisturizer, help rejuvenate your skin and leave it feeling supple and soft. Only difference is, thanks to the texture and light consistency of the serum formulation, it can penetrate skin much faster and more effective than lotion. Moisturizer often sits on top of the skin and takes time to soak in, where serum goes to work immediately. Not only does it leave skin feeling moisturized and soft, but with the right products, can pack a bigger punch to hydrate your skin.

Until I discovered hair and body serums and truly gave them a fair shot, I was skeptical. 
As a BlaireBeauty who has combination to oily skin, I have always shied away from products that contain any oil-related substance. I assumed that it would add excess oil to my face and counteract the oil free products I was already using. At times, I found myself dealing with dry flakey patches on my face in the name of avoiding excess oil.

BlaireBeauty could not be more happy to report that this is not the case. With the proper serum, one can both hydrate their skin and avoid excess oil on their face and body. If you are looking for a beautiful serum that will both hydrate and moisturize your skin, Mi-Me’s Tomato Seed Regenerating Facial Serum is for you (!product/prd1/691599501/tomato-seed-regenerating-facial-serum). Best part is, only a few drops will moisturize your entire face and leave it feeling supple and smooth. I am happy to report also that this product did not add extra oil to my skin or impact my makeup in a negative way. In fact, I now need to use less makeup and notice it lasting longer throughout the course of the day. The impact that fresh, clean and healthy skin has on your makeup is truly incredible!

Serums can also be used in your hair and on your body.
Give Mi-Me’s Beautifying Hair Serum a try to add spectacular shine and to control split ends (!product/prd1/691597031/beautifying-hair-serum). Looking for an incredible way to add moisture to your body without added grease or oil? Mi-Me’s Body Nectar is absolutely incredible. Between the smell, the texture and its ability to leave your skin silky smooth all day, it is second to none. (

If you have any questions about serums or Mi-Me in general, BlaireBeauty is here for you!
Leave a comment, ask a question, and I would be happy to connect you with a Mi-Me Guru. 

Stay beautiful, BlaireBeauties! xo