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Beauty + Innovation = Beautovation


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Beauty + Innovation = Beautovation

Lauren Ernst

Last, but certainly not least, I have prepped my skin for the Spring using some really funky and innovative products from Mi-Me ( From cleansing grains and toner that soothes and nourishes to avocado butter that moisturizes skin using ONE ingredient, Mi-Me knows how to keep skin happy.
Clean skin, is happy skin. Especially at the end of a long day. Remove your makeup using Mi-Me's unique cleansing grains to buff oil, dirt and makeup from your skin. When added to water or Mi-Me's incredible everlasting toner, these grains act as a gentle paste to buff your skin clean in a gentle and nourishing way.!product/prd1/691559551/indian-cleansing-grains-%2B-the-everlasting-toner
Gone are the days where toner needs to be uncomfortable on the skin or leave skin feeling tight. Mi-Me's everlasting toner brings the skin's balance back to center and truly leaves skin feeling soft, supple and fresh. Pairing the cleansing grains with the everlasting toner, your skin will never be more ready for Spring, your gorgeous makeup or an evening of rest and relaxation sans makeup.
Looking for an extra moisture boost? One of my favorite Mi-Me products is the avocado butter. Use it on dry lips, elbows, legs or dry patches around your nose. This little gem packs a big punch in the combat against dry skin. BEST part is, it consists of one ingredient - pure avocado butter. The subtle smell is reminiscent of Summer as well.!product/prd1/691679411/avocado-butter
After a day in the sun, wash your sunscreen away using Mi-Me's beautiful cleansing grains, tone, and add a little avocado butter to soften your skin. A match made in heaven.
It has been an absolute pleasure testing and reviewing Mi-Me's products. Please note that BlaireBeauty has not been compensated in any way by the company, and all reviews and thoughts are my own. If BlaireBeauty digs a given product or product line, it will be shared here. If a given product has missed the mark, or does not work the way it advises, it will not be discussed. BlaireBeauty is happy to report that all of the tested Mi-Me products have been gems. Thanks to all of YOU for your questions about the products BlaireBeauty has reviewed. Your feedback and questions have prompted posts and tweets. YOU help make BlaireBeauty what it is! Do yourself and your skin a favour by stopping by and picking up a few staples for your beauty routine. You'll be glad you did.
BB xo