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Product Review - Hutt's Heels


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Product Review - Hutt's Heels

Lauren Ernst

Your sandals have migrated to the front of your closet and your toes are beautifully painted, but your heels are still in no shape for the warmer months. Looking for the perfect way to eliminate dry, cracked and sore heels? BlaireBeauty has found the solution!

Hutt’s Heels, are the perfect way to get your feet Summer ready. Using a gel-based flexible formulation, Hutt’s Heels horseshoe-like bandage adheres to your heel like a dream – keeping all of the moisturizing and treatment products inside. Rather than lathering your feet with lotion, wearing socks and transferring lotion onto your floor, Hutt’s Heels magic goes to work without a mess. Simply peel the custom designed bandage from its backing, adhere to your heel, throw on a comfy pair of socks, and forget about it. Remove this incredibly comfortable and reusable bandage 8-10 hours later, exfoliate with a pumice stone and your heels will be as soft as can be. What’s even better, is that these bandages can last up to three uses! Upon use, return your Hutt’s Heels back to their original protective backing and reapply up to two additional times. After giving this product a whirl ONCE, I saw a significant difference – I can only assume that the beautiful combination of Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Aloe, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E did the trick.

Created by the incredible Cathy, Hutt’s Heels were developed after Cathy battled cancer. At the end of her chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Cathy suffered from incredibly painful dry and cracked heels. Although she tried many lotions and wearable products, nothing did the trick. It wasn’t until Cathy began to research ingredients and potential solutions for cracked heels, that Hutt’s Heels was born. During Cathy’s research, she was blown away by how many heel products contain parabens and other troublesome ingredients. Nearly 60% of products today contain parabens, which has tested positive for estrogen – a hormone that is frequently found in the most common type of breast cancer. Bound and determined, Cathy worked closely with a chemist to develop a product that would both help her dry cracked heels and not contain parabens. After a great deal of testing, research and hard work, Hutt’s Heels was born. Manufactured in the United States, Cathy is beyond excited to assist those who suffer from dry, cracked and sore feet. Join Cathy on her journey and try Hutt’s Heels today.

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