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Lauren Ernst

Recently, BlaireBeauty had the wonderful experience of chatting with the gorgeous Founder and CEO of LAFACE Laboratories Inc. Specializing in "highly innovative and state of the art scientific expertise in their approach to natural skincare", within moments of chatting with Lisa C. Alexander, it was apparent that LAFACE is truly rooted in passion and expertise. Stemming from a fifth generation Californian agricultural family, it is no wonder that Lisa finds her passion in "sustainable business and day-to-day green living". 

LAFACE Laboratories' exclusive line contains a wonderful plethora of products ranging from very affordable firming body lotion and fantastic primer to more elite eye creams and face products. Whatever your need, LAFACE Laboratories truly has a product for any skin type, age and texture. 

After speaking with Lisa, I quickly realized that NOW is the time to begin thinking about anti-aging and truly taking care of the skin. When skin is hydrated, well kept and loved, any products or treatments you apply, look that much MORE beautiful. LAFACE products contain "only ingredients of the highest quality available from all over the world". Best part is - all LAFACE products are Paraben free, hypoallergenic and not tested on animals. Beauty with a conscience. There's nothing better!

BlaireBeauty was fortunate enough to be sent LAFACE Laboratories' "Hydrating and Firming Body Lotion" as well as the "Proteger Age Defying Primer". Although both the body lotion and the primer contain an incredible list of ingredients to help smooth, firm and hydrate the skin, I was incredibly impressed with how lightweight each formulation was. When applied to the skin, the body lotion immediately went to work to soften skin and leave it feeling firmed and toned. Based on similar lotions I have tried in the past, this is no easy task without additional weight and additional texture. Similar with the primer, skin was left feeling hydrated, smooth and completely ready for makeup. Pores were minimized, hydration was increased and even drugstore foundation looked more beautiful and lasted longer.

From the wonderful conversation I had with the lovely Lisa Alexander and the passion that she communicated with me, to the products that truly speak for themselves, BlaireBeauty stands behind this organization. Although I have not reviewed the entire LAFACE range, I look forward to testing additional products as I am able to. Are these products slightly more costly than what you may find in your local drugstore? Without a doubt. However, by trusting an organization who has truly put funds and research into their products to make them the best they can be for YOUR skin, it's worth it. 

Good luck, BlaireBeauties! As always, if you have any questions, I'm here. Rest assured as well, Lisa would be happy to answer any of your questions as well via twitter or through the LAFACE Laboratories website - XO