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REVIEW: Studio10 - A Perfect 10


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

REVIEW: Studio10 - A Perfect 10

Lauren Ernst

Although BlaireBeauty would love to extend the invite to each of you to jump on a plane, tour the world, and test beauty products together, it can’t be done – yet. Instead, BlaireBeauty has the absolute pleasure and joy of reviewing products from all over the world, and showcasing them to you via this forum. Most recently Studio 10 Beauty, based out of the UK, sent some beautiful products and tools to be reviewed and showcased.

Created by the stunning Grace Fodor, an inspiring woman who felt like there was a true need in the cosmetics industry for makeup that tackled issues that older women often face. Although it’s spectacular to use products created for the masses, Fodor recognized the importance of tailoring products for the mature woman. From dual-ended pencils and brushes to beautiful compacts full of products and formulations that offer support and richness for all skin types, the line is stunning. From the packaging to the product itself, Studio 10 truly encapsulates the feeling and look of a high-end studio product with making the wearer feel like a “Perfect 10”.

All of the makeup products in the line are stunning. 
The pencils blend beautifully, the concealers works like a dream and truly showcase the best you, the foundation is extraordinary, the contouring palette offers everything you need to get the job done, and the makeup brushes are absolutely stunning and apply all products with ease. I am a beauty who has fairly oily to combination skin, so I frequently reach for products that contain very little moisture and richness. If you are a beauty who has mature or dry skin, Studio 10’s foundation will be absolute perfection for you. It will keep your skin soft, refreshed and cake-free all day. If you are a little on the oily side, please be mindful to powder and set your foundation well. If you do, it should last all day.

If you love long wearing products that cover blemishes, add colour, or assist with contouring easily, this system is truly for you.

Visit for some helpful information, incredible detail about the company and even some helpful video to assist with getting you to apply makeup like a PRO! Should you have any questions, BlaireBeauty is happy to facilitate responses and reach out to Studio 10 on your behalf. Rest assured, however, that Studio 10 is also open and willing to field questions. They are beyond knowledgeable and helpful to ALL beauties.

Give it a whirl, BlaireBeauties and please let me know how it goes. 
Always adore your feedback and insight!
BB xo