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Bringing the FUNK


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Bringing the FUNK

Lauren Ernst

If there is one thing that loves, it’s trying new products, falling in love with them and showcasing them to you. When it comes to EDDIE FUNKHOUSER cosmetics, that statement could not resonate more.

Created, developed and refined by the talented Eddie Funkhouser, EDDIE FUNKHOUSER cosmetics truly reflect the love, passion, accessibility and performance that Eddie has come to rely on in the industry. Thanks to years in the makeup business and a wonderfully close and sincere bond with the women he works with, Eddie saw a need for a product line that could be enjoyed by ALL women. Regardless of demographic, skin type or makeup need, Eddie recognized that he needed to establish a line of products that were not only beautifully formulated and high quality but also available to those who wished to purchase. Enter, EDDIE FUNKHOUSER cosmetics. Available online and in select drugstores, Eddie’s line ranges from all aspects of face products and shadows to mascara, lipsticks, bold gloss and even makeup tools! Without a doubt, Eddie Funkhouser’s line of makeup truly enhances your beauty while leaving you feeling gorgeous, polished and ready for anything. Be it a day in the office or a night out with friends, you can amp up or dial down your makeup options with Eddie’s gorgeous line. 

In addition to testing products and offering reviews, BlaireBeauty likes to hone in on a product’s organization during the review process. Owner interviews, prolonged product testing and additional research on the company all have an impact on the feeling and vibes BlaireBeauty gets from a given organization. This is where passion is felt and truly showcased. Every aspect and detail of a makeup line has not been lost with Eddie’s makeup range – the packaging is gorgeous, Eddie Funkhouser’s presence and participation in social media is inspiring and even the package that BlaireBeauty was sent, was a thing of beauty. From a hand written note and a gorgeous information package about the product line to Eddie’s constant tweets, message responses and enthusiasm – Eddie Funkhouser and his line of products are truly an extension of him -bold, unique, colourful, vibrant and passionate.  Be it through twitter or via email, feel comfortable reaching out knowing that you’ll hear back from Eddie himself. Tell him BlaireBeauty says hi!

BlaireBeauty had the honour of testing EDDIE FUNKHOUSER lip gloss, lipstick, eye liner and eye shadow. Not only is the pigmentation bang on and striking, but the products are comfortable to wear, long wearing and true to the colour in the packaging. Nothing beats applying a swipe of colour to your lids, cheeks or lips that matches that of what’s contained within the packaging. Eddie Funkhouser has certainly hit the ball out of the park there. Enjoy dabbling in these stunning products, Beauties! In the meantime, please visit Eddie and his team on Twitter (@EddieFunkhouser) and via the website ( ENJOY! xo