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Squeaky Clean - VitaBath


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Squeaky Clean - VitaBath

Lauren Ernst

Before starting your day, or after a full day of wearing makeup, it’s nice to hop in the shower and use products that are safe and healthy for your skin. 
Recently, BlaireBeauty was fortunate to be sent some lovely shower products from VitaBath. For more than 50 years, Vitabath has provided their customers with the ultimate in skin cleansing and conditioning. Filled with quality ingredients and rich, beautiful fragrances, Vitabath provides a spa-like experience without harsh sulfates, parabens or chemicals.

BlaireBeauty has been busy testing several shower gels, a bottle of beautiful body lotion and body spray. Not only is the scent of each product beautifully rich and potent, but is never over powering or offensive. Not only are the scents true to name (if it's scented like a cupcake, it smells JUST like cupcakes!) but each product lives up to it's promise - shower gels lather like a dream, lotions enrich your skin with moisture and bod sprays leave you feeling fresh and beautiful.

With all of Vitabath’s products, a little goes a very long way. The shower gels are perfect for the shower and for shaving your legs. The body lotions are rich, incredibly scented, light weight and long lasting.  Similar to the body sprays, they certainly get the job done without heavy scent or overpowering weight.

Visit today to get your hands on some incredible products. Ever scent smells luxurious and true-to-name and will act as a lovely pick me up for Summer. Also, if you’re fortunate enough, you may stumple across some of these hidden gems in your local drugstore or department store. However you chose to get your hands on Vitabath, tell them BlaireBeauty says hello and THANK YOU! I will definitely be purchasing these gorgeous products in the future. Enjoy!! XO