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BlaireBeauty Hearts the Rain


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

BlaireBeauty Hearts the Rain

Lauren Ernst

Just when you think you’ve tried every product, fallen in love with every formulation and spread the word on every great company – you find another GEM! Enter, Rain Cosmetics.

Rain Cosmetics is geared toward the “modern woman with multifaceted, 24/7 lifestyle” and truly formulates its products to keep up with your active lifestyle. From all day at work to going out for a night on the town, Rain Cosmetics is made to last. 

As a makeup wearer with combination to oily skin, finding foundation that is long wearing, light in formulation AND is available in a multitude of shades is tricky.
After giving Rain Cosmetic’s “Conceal and Reveal” foundation a try, it was instantly apparent that a total gem has been discovered. Not only is Rain’s foundation formulation whipped in consistency, but it always goes the extra mile when it comes to wearability. Set with powder or not, “Conceal and Reveal” lasts all day and leaves your skin looking flawless.

Currently, I mix two shades of foundation to get my BLAIREBEAUTY custom shade  – “Baby Doll” and “Cream Corset” are the current go-tos.

In addition to Rain Cosmetic’s Conceal and Reveal foundation, BlaireBeauty also had the pleasure of testing Rain Cosmetic’s eye shadow collection in “Life of the Party”.

Consisting of 5 lovely shades, “Playful Plum”, “Vivacious Violet”, “Charismatic Cream”, “Energetic Emerald” and “Outgoing Olive”, Rain Cosmetic’s shadows pack the same punch as their foundations – light, pigmented and beautifully packaged with the same long wearing formulations. Add colour to the entire lid or line your lower lash line for a beautiful, rich, pop of colour. However you choose to rock Rain Cosmetics products, you’ll be glad you did. When it comes to eyeshadows, primer is where it’s at. Pair Rain Cosmetic’s shadows with a primer of your choice and watch the colour POP even more.

Visit to get your hands on some gorgeous products. 
Based on the caliber and quality of the products that BlaireBeauty has tested, it’s safe to say that Rain Cosmetics knows how it’s done!
Stop by and tell them BlaireBeauty says HI!

BB xo