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BlaireBeauty HEARTS Model in a Bottle


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BlaireBeauty HEARTS Model in a Bottle

Lauren Ernst

Do you find that as the day wears on, so does the look of your makeup?

If you have noticed that with time, your makeup appears to break down, fade or not look as bold as it did when first applied, setting spray might be a fantastic solution for you! Setting spray, when applied to the entire face upon makeup application, can prolong the look, wear and feel of your makeup. Not only does it keep your makeup looking vibrant and beautiful, but it also combats against the signs of oil build up and shine. Who has time to touch-up their makeup throughout the course of the day?

Prior to my discovery of setting sprays, I would frequently reach for blotting papers to remove excess oil or even a light powder to remove oil from my T-Zone during the day. Now that I have discovered setting sprays, those products are a thing of the past. Not only that, but setting sprays are an excellent way to avoid clogging pores, changing the effectiveness of your SPF all while absorbing excess oil.

Thanks to Model in a Bottle ( you can now obtain the look of freshly applied makeup without the additional products, touchups or worry. Simply apply your makeup, spritz a couple of sprays of Model in a Bottle onto your face, allow to set and VOILA! Your skin will appear matte and your makeup will last all day long. Without a doubt, Model in a Bottle can be used every day. In fact, once you see how your makeup lasts, you will want to incorporate this gem into your makeup routine each and every day. However, if you reach for this gorgeous spray on overly warm days or days where you need your makeup to last, you’re golden. Have an outdoor event coming up? A hot date? Your wedding?? This product is beyond perfect for you.

To be honest, at first, I was skeptical. How can a clear, light, beautiful naturally fragranced spray help make my makeup last all day long without touchups!? Hunny, BlaireBeauty can confirm, that this product works - even on oily skin! The best part?? Model in a Bottle has offered a special discount code to BlaireBeauties! When you visit and use discount code FF20 at checkout, you will receive a discount! Please be sure to use Model in a Bottle’s direct website. That way, you can be sure that you are receiving quality products that are 110% authentic – direct from the creator! Please keep posted on how you make out. I assure you, you will adore this lightweight and incredibly effective product. Let us know how it goes!! xo