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Keeping it Beautifully Natural


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Keeping it Beautifully Natural

Lauren Ernst

When it comes to beauty, our skin is truly a reflection of what’s taken place on a much deeper level. Interestingly enough, the things that we chose to eat and drink all impact the way our body’s behave – including the quality, look and feel of our skin. How incredible is that?? What you eat and drink on a daily basis not only impacts your insides and the way you feel, but also you skin. The best part – we have more control over our skin then we like to believe.

Several years ago, I had a tough time with my skin. I was noticing more and more breakouts in areas that I had never experienced breakouts before. Why use hefty high-coverage foundations and concealers when there are some changes that I can be making to my diet to help alter the look and feel of my skin? After doing some research, speaking with some knowledgeable folks and having an open mind to change, I made several alterations to my diet. 
Within days, I noticed a change in my skin. Incredible!! Keep those changes consistent, listen to your body and voila! The changes become more and more permanent and the positive impacts become less temporary and more “the norm”.

To compliment any changes that you make to your diet or the beliefs you have on food,  I find that reaching for more all-natural products are best. Not only do they complement your goals and outlook on health and wellness, but work hand-in-hand with your body composition and chemistry. Before reaching for a cleanser, that may not contain ingredients on point with the recent changes you have made to your diet, consider doing some research on companies that share your outlook on “garbage in, garbage out”. Aligning yourself with organizations that share your passion and similar outlook on health and beauty only helps your cause that much more. Gone are the days where you need to settle for products and services that don’t align with your thinking of makeup.

BlaireBeauty has been fortunate enough to have extensive conversation with the incredible hearts and creative minds at LAFACE Laboratories. In addition to products being paraben free, hypoallergenic and not tested on animals, LACFACE prides themselves on skincare products that combine “highly innovative and state of the art scientific expertise” with their natural approach to skincare. Headquartered in Northern California, LAFACE prides itself on being a morally responsible company based on the acquisition of certifications necessary to verify their products as organic and natural - all things that truly impact the integrity of your skin and reinforce the hard work you are doing to keep your skin healthy.

BlaireBeauty has had the privilege of testing and reviewing LAFACE products in the past. For more information, on those initial thoughts, please visit here ( for more information. Through additional conversation with the LAFACE team, I wanted to experience a more in-depth trial of a top seller. Because makeup is such a big part of my day-to-day and brings a great deal of enjoyment, I wanted to give LAFACE’s facial cleanser a try. Taking your makeup off properly is equally as important as removing it. After using LAFACE’s Purifying Facial Wash (,36,32,35,40,34,33,38,39,41), I was hooked. Gone are the days when you need to cleanse and tone in two separate steps – this facial wash offers both steps in one. In addition, it removes impurities, moisturizes and tightens pores. In moments, your makeup is completely removed and your skin is beautifully clean. Without a doubt, LAFACE knows how it’s done! xo