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Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 


Lauren Ernst

Makeup and the places we look for creativity can be as vast as BlaireBeauty's lipstick collection. From nature to food, fashion to jewelry, finding inspiration for your next smokey eye or cheek and lip combination can be anywhere. 
Recently, BlaireBeauty had the joy of working with Twisted Silver - a beautiful jewelry company that believes in the joining of metals. Gone are the days where your earrings and necklace need to match. Today, mixing and matching your metals is not only stunning but encouraged. is an ultra modern mixed metal company that has been rocked by style setters and celebrities alike. In fact, the mixing of metals has truly inspired BlaireBeauty to step outside of our comfort zone and rock a bold lip with an even MORE bold necklace. The two truly compliment one another and look stunning. 
What's better?? Now you can pair a stunning mixed metal necklace with a similar bracelet. Beauty knows no boundary, nor does Twisted Silver believe in the ordinary. 
Stay tuned as BlaireBeauty presents different looks and metal-inspired looks wearing Twisted Silver jewelry pieces. You'll be so glad you did. 
Loving what you see thus far? Visit, use the discount code BB and you can score a beautiful deal when purchasing the Beatnik necklace and bracelet combination. It's a combination I find myself reaching for OFTEN. 
BB xo