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Covering Up....Using COLOUR??


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Covering Up....Using COLOUR??

Lauren Ernst

When it comes to concealing blemishes, imperfections, dark circles and other sins that our skin can leave us with – the “one colour fits all” mentality doesn’t always work. Rather than using the SAME shade of concealer all over your face, it’s nice to dabble in several colours to get the job done. Let BlaireBeauty be your guide.

For blemishes: Select a concealer shade that matches your overall skin tone. That way, when applied to a blemish, it disappears. For the most effective way to conceal blemishes, simply dot a small amount of concealer on your blemish, wait 30seconds-1 minute and blend. This will allow the concealer to go to work and get the job done. Stick to concealers without any sheen, shimmer or sparkle. We don’t want blemishes to appear defined or highlighted.

For under eyes: Late night?? Concealing under eye circles and discoloration is more than adding colour to the area of concern. Instead, your best course of action is to BRIGHTEN the area to help conceal. For this, reach for a shade lighter than you natural skin tone. This will not only help hide the under eye area, but also brighten the area – on evenings where 8 hours of sleep wasn’t possible, concealer can be your secret weapon.

Contour and adding definition: Want your jawline and bridge of nose to appear more slim? This too can be done with concealer. For this fun process, reach for a shade two to three shades darker than your skin tone. Adding a darker shade of concealer along your cheekbones and down the sides of your nose, your face will appear more slim. Don’t forget to blend! This shade should fade beautifully from your natural skin tone to the contour shade itself. Fingers and more densely packed makeup brushes do a wonderful job at this.

Your questions are ALWAYS welcome! Please reach out with any questions or success stories you may have. Always a pleasure speaking with you and hearing how BlaireBeauty has made a difference in your routine.

BB xo