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Ellison's Organics & BlaireBeauty


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Ellison's Organics & BlaireBeauty

Lauren Ernst

Although nail polish is a beauty product BlaireBeauty ADORES and can add a certain “Je Ne Sais Quoi” to an outfit, it can often be tricky to apply, take a great deal of time to dry and chip in an instant. Not to mention, if you are a frequent gym go-er, polish on your fingers and toes can look tattered in moments. Above all, the amount of chemicals and nasty ingredients in nail polish can often have an impact on nail health and skin. 


Enter, Ellison’s Organic’s nail polish. A 3-free formulation that takes the worry and stress out of the chemical side of the nail polish coin while offering outstanding coverage, longevity and colour selection. BlaireBeauty has completely fallen in love! Gone are the days where you need to apply countless coats to achieve the same colour and brightness as seen in the bottle while having to wait hours for the polish to dry completely. Ellison’s Organics has truly struck the balance of showcasing polish shades that are unique, named beautifully (and so clever!), and avoid using formaldehyde, toluene or DBP – ingredients that are found in many everyday nail polishes. What’s even better about Ellison’s Organics nail polish if that it is tinted with natural mica, not made with any animal by-products, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free and bpa free. Not only that, but Ellison’s Organics is a true down-home, local small business. Purchasing nail polish, or any other gorgeous skincare from Ellision’s goes directly bac into the business to support a local entrepreneur. WIN-WIN!

The quality that struck BlaireBeauty the most about Ellison’s Organics nail polish formulation was the LONGEVITY. Typically, when nail polish is worn on toes, it wears within days. Introduce daily workouts in gym shoes and toes can look shabby in a day! Not anymore. When Ellison’s Organics polish is applied to toes, it lasts until it is removed. Colour remains bright, shine stays in place and the nail polish does not chip.

To get your hands on this beautiful polish and to check out MORE of Ellison’s Organics products, visit their beautiful page on Prices, shipping information and details can all be found there. Questions? Concerns? Please do not hesitate to get in touch! BB xo