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Vegan Cuts - January Beauty Box


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Vegan Cuts - January Beauty Box

Lauren Ernst

Hi Beauties!

Looking to dip your toe in the waters of the Vegan beauty world?
Let Vegan Cuts be your guide. This incredible monthly subscription box company does all of the leg work for you by sending you a monthly subscription box full of innovative and beautiful products for you to try. Best part? Some of the products are even full size!! SAY WHAT?!

Vegan - be it in beauty, fashion or food is the absence of any animal-derived substances. Coined in 1944 by Donald Watson, the term Vegan originally referred to a "non-dairy vegetarian", which later evolved to refer to "the doctrine that man should live without exploiting animals".

Regardless of the outlook or term, Vegan CutsJanuary Beauty Box is stunning. Not only do the products range from tester to full size, but they also touch upon all aspects of the beauty industry. From hair products to makeup, nail polish to a body treatment, beauty lovers will be over the moon with the selection of products they receive.

Looking to get our hands on your own Beauty Box? Jump onto Vegan Cuts' fantastic website to learn more about the team, get the scoop on the products and they carry, and purchase your own subscription box. Tell them BlaireBeauty says hello!

Here is the scoop on the products contained within January's fabulous box...

The first product that caught my eye was a full size nail polish by a fabulous company called Color Club. "Founded in 1979, Color Club was initially created for salons and industry big wigs" over time, the company grew but the fantastic formulation and staying power remained the same. Upon testing this product, I knew why instantly. I received the shade "Snow Queen" - a deep purple, that is nearly black in pigment. Typically, darker nail polish shades take multiple coats to show their true vibrancy. With this shade, however, ONE thin coat is all that is needed. BlaireBeauty has completely fallen in love. Looking forward to trying more shades!

Next, I found a gorgeous body scrub. What a stunning product! All natural, smells incredible and does the job well. Created by Gourmet Body Treats, this scrub is truly that - a wonderful scrub for your body that treats your skin to a gentle fix to rough winter skin. Do yourself and your skin a favour and check this fabulous product out!


Next, a lippy! Nothing beats a lip balm with a twist - COLOUR! In addition to the fabulous lip balms Crazy Rumours creates, they have also formulated lip balms WITH colour. Win win! To get your hands on your own signature HibisKiss shade! Perfect for a no-makeup-makeup look on the weekend.

A Beauty Box that connects you with beauty products, skincare AND hair products? Incredible. Next, I discovered some wonderful hair go-tos in my Beauty Box. DermOrganic is a fabulous organization that prides itself on providing beautiful hair care all while being Vegan. After trying DermOrganic's shampoo and hair masque, I was hooked! Definitely check these beauties out. 






Last, but certainly not least, a gorgeous eye shadow! Mineral makeup that packs a gorgeous punch in colour while being easy to work with and apply. Thanks, Modern Minerals! This gorgeous eyeshadow is "a perfect shimmery neutral. Colour blends from mauve, pink, peach with silver highlights". Truly beautiful! Here is BlaireBeauty's perfect shade

Time and time again, BlaireBeauty is in awe over the fabulous products that are contained within a Vegan Cuts beauty box. Sign up, check this fabulous company out and tell them that BlaireBeauty sent you! Please snap some photos and let us know how your Vegan discoveries in beauty go!!

BB xo