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Lauren Ernst

How does the saying go?
"Long Hair, Don't Care"??
What do they say about long LASHES!?

This mascara from the incredible Eddie Funkhouser is just that - INCREDIBLE. 
"Quattro Variable Lash Mascara" has a wand that twists to maximize your lash volume. 
Looking for a subtle look? Dial the wand to the first notch. 
Looking for HIGH volume and length? Dialling the wand to 4 is your best bet. 

The pic below is a shot of my lashes, sans filter, with the wand dialled to 3. WHAT!?
Such a mile high, bold, beautiful look. Pair this with a bold lip and no eyeshadow or liner for a stunning look. Looking for a perfect "no makeup" makeup look? Pair these lashes with a light lipgloss for a quick beauty. The possibilities are endless! Thanks, Eddie!!

BB xo