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The BEST Companion for #BrightLipThursday Is......


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

The BEST Companion for #BrightLipThursday Is......

Lauren Ernst

Hello Beautiful!

Wishing you the most gorgeous of days and hope that it is as stunning as YOU are. If there is one thing that BlaireBeauty adores, it's celebrating THURSDAY with you by wearing a bold lippy. Strength and confidence in numbers! Rocking a bold lipstick shade is THAT much easier when you know that many others are doing it with you. You look beautiful, mama!

You know what makes a bold lip look even more incredible? A clean, well organized eye brow, lots of mascara and beautiful skin. Whether you reach for foundation, bronzer, or a swipe of blush, what lives underneath is most important. YOUR SKIN! Ensure that your skin is beautiful and clear, by relying on skincare that addresses YOUR skin's needs. From oily to dry, combination to normal - skincare makes a difference.

Moreover, the changing of seasons also influences our skin and the skincare products we use. If you live in any part of the world with changing seasons - you will understand the need for skincare that truly reflects your skin's needs. If your neck of the woods experiences the warmest of warm temperatures, or the coldest of the cold all year 'round, having skincare that addresses YOUR skin's need is key. Recently, BlaireBeauty discovered the gorgeous Amie range of skincare products. Fiona Parkhouse, creator of Amie Skincare and beauty expert, believes in natural skincare for all beauties. 

Recently, BlaireBeauty had the opportunity to test some gorgeous products, specific for the needs of many. Regardless of your skin type or tone - after a day of rocking your gorgeous makeup looks, it is important to remove ALL product from your skin and moisturize. Looking for a stunning soap-free cleanser that both removes makeup AND gently exfoliates skin? Amie's Radiant Dawn Exfoliating Daily Wash is out of this world. Gentle, effective, bursting with scents of green apple, lemon and blueberry seed - this exfoliating cleanser is safe to use daily. A wonderful additive to your daily skincare routine. 

For best results, reach for a perfect oil-free moisturizer to nourish skin and make it as beautiful as can be, post-washing. Looking for a perfect moisturizer to pair with your Radiant Dawn cleanser? BlaireBeauty has found it!! Amie's Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturizer is outstanding. Never, have we tried a MATTE moisturizer before. This beauty doesn't leaves skin moisturized AND matte. Beautiful for your skin at night before bed OR before you apply makeup in the morning. Give it a whirl, lovely! You'll be SO glad you did.  

BlaireBeauty had the pleasure of interviewing Amie Skincare's mastermind - Fiona Parkhouse. Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we showcase highlights from our interview and the incredible responses she provided to some of our burning beauty questions. What insight!! 

Happy Skincaring and Happy #BrightLipThursday!! 
BB xo