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Lauren Ernst

Hello Gorgeous!

The Summer is now upon us AND with it brings rich, bold colours. Both in fashion and makeup.
Be it at a concert, an outdoor festival or a lunch date on the patio, don't shy away from sporting a pretty shade. Especially one on your kisser! 

Last night, BlaireBeauty and friends paid the energetic city of Toronto Canada a visit for the Foo Fighters concert. What a show! There is no better time to rock a bright lipstickLast evening's lippy of choice was MAC's So Chaud. It doesn't get ANY more orange a fabulous than this shade. 

To make this (and any other) type of bright lipstick last and last and last - pair it with Rimmel Moisture Renew Universal Transparent Liner. This CLEAR lipliner is incredible not just for bold shades like So Chad, but for every day use. Prevent lipsticks and glosses from bleeding into the skin outside of your lips with one easy swipe. This incredible lipstick shade was applied first thing in the morning and wore beautifully until the wee hours of the morning. Between the lipstick itself and the lipliner, these products work. DREAM TEAM.

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BB xo