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We Ask, Eddie Answers.


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

We Ask, Eddie Answers.

Lauren Ernst

It isn't every day that you can fire questions at an incredible beauty mogul and they answer. 
Not only promptly, but with a great deal of heart and honesty. 

Enter Mr. Eddie Funkhouser - an award winning makeup artist and beauty brand developer who has successfully designed, developed and marketed beauty brands for clients globally. Sold in over 36 countries worldwide, these brands have grossed north of 120 million US dollars.  
Eddie Funkhouser cosmetics is a truly beautiful brand that hones in on a woman's natural beauty while placing emphasis on her best qualities. From eye shadow to foundation, mascara to highlighter, Eddie Funkhouser Cosmetics is a one-stop-shop, affordable brand, that lends itself beautifully to a woman's everyday makeup routine. 

Recently, BlaireBeauty had the pleasure of testing a handful of products from Eddie Funkhouser Cosmetics's newest LUXLIGHT makeup line. In a word - STUNNING. LUXLIGHT hydrates, illuminates and draws attention to the most beautiful aspects of a woman's face.

LUXLIGHT HYDRATING PRIMER adds a stunning glow to the skin. This gem can be worn solo or paired with your fav foundation. When applied before makeup, this little beauty gives skin a "lit from within" appearance without looking oily or greasy. Beautiful for all skin tones and textures, especially in the Summer. 

LUXLIGHT ILLUMINATOR packs a mean, beautiful, luminous punch with every swipe. Looking for a targeted glow for the tops of your cheekbones, down your nose and all of the high points of your face? THIS little pen gets the job done. Without too much sheen or sparkle, the Luxlight Illuminator brings luminosity to the face without shine. Gorgeous!

ULTRA DEFINITION BRONZE & SCULPT POWDER. WOW. This compact allows makeup lovers to bronze, blush, contour and highlight in a swipe. This is truly your one-stop-shop for all things face to bring warmth and definition. A true beauty!

NOW, the fun part. BlaireBeauty was able to get in touch with Eddie himself and ask some questions, both related to the LUXE makeup line and HIMSELF. How cool is that?? See below for our questions and Eddie's fantastic responses. THANK YOU, Eddie Funkhouser, for taking the time to showcase your products and to answers some of our burning questions. You are truly an inspiration. XO

Q: Eddie, YOU inspire us! What inspires you??
A: People who do not give up on their dreams - it's really as simple as that!

Q: Luxlight exemplifies radiance, warmth and decadence. What do you reach for for a little glow and boost?
A: Those are three great works to describe Luxlight! When I want to add a boost to my makeup, I reach for an ultra shinny lip gloss and when I need a little boost in my life, nothing comes close to quality time spent with friends. 

Q: You. Desert Island. 3 beauty products. What are they??
A: Sunscreen - a must have for all of us! And I never go anywhere without a Brow Pencil and my Quattro Variable Lash Mascara.

Q: What do you love most about BlaireBeauty?
A: I know I can't get away with saying 'everything!', so I would have to say my favourite is your enthusiasm! Your energy & love for all things makeup is clear in every blog post - and during #brightlipthursdays - the energy is contagious, and I know you really do love what you do! 

Q: What motivates you?
A: Life is full of twists and turns. I am motivated by the ebb and flow of it all. I swim in the joy of life and embrace the challenges it brings. One of my favourite slogans is "Look at your fears head on and smile at them". My mantra? "Never give up!"

Q: On hot Summer days, what do you do to lock your makeup into place?
A: I never step out without my Luxlight Hydrating Primer on. It's great on it's own (without foundation) and imparts a beautiful glow on the skin. It will not budge and will last for hours even in the muggiest climate. I also use my Ultra Definition Perfecting Powder to blot away excess dewiness. 

Q: Summer, work and LIFE are busy! What energizes you?
A: Dreaming!