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Microblading - A Blog Series


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Microblading - A Blog Series

Lauren Ernst

Hello Gorgeous!

When it comes to makeup application, I adore trying a new smokey eye or bold lipstick shade. 
Those brows!
They're important. They frame the face. I get it... 
But my goodness, they take time to maintain, sculpt, fill in and lock in place. 

Enter Microblading. 
If you are a wearer of brow products and spend time each morning shaping and perfecting your brows, this might be the perfect procedure for you. Microblading is the semi-permanent, manual application of pigment into the skin beneath the eye brow by means of hair-like strokes using ink and blade. 

Does it hurt?
YES, but the pain is temporary and is curbed by the numbing cream that is applied pre, during and after the procedure. Thankfully, I was in the hands of a complete professional. Thank you to Marci at Lashing Out Studio & Spa. It is because of Marci and her utmost expertise, my brows have never looked better. 

What is involved? 
On the day of my appointment, I was welcomed into Marci's beautiful spa and before photos were taken of my brows. From there, numbing cream was painted across my brows and left for thirty minutes to ensure that my procedure would be as comfortable as possible. Then, Marci worked her magic. Through a series of questions, and an oil-based pencil, Marci began to draw on my new eye brows. This would act as her guidelines when performing the procedure. It was during this time that I was encouraged to ask questions, make suggestions and offer my feedback on the look and feel of my brows. Once we were both happy with the shape, we discussed colour. Like an artist, Marci created my perfect ink shade that would be used during the procedure. Then, we entered the treatment room. Heated bed and all! At this point, Marci explained the procedure, handed me a mirror, encouraged me to offer feedback and preference as we went, and checked in on the pain level as she worked. Throughout the 45 minutes procedure, Marci would top me up on numbing cream and ask how I was feeling. What a pro! Upon completion, Marci and I took a closer look and added a few strokes here and there to ensure symmetry and unity. Once we were both satisfied with the finished product, Marci added a final coat of ink. This would aid my brows to take on the full impact of the colour and look even more natural. Then, AFTER photos were taken. Can you believe how stunning and natural my brows look?? No product, no filters, no touch-ups to the photo.....just MY BROWS. 

Stay tuned for more information and photos as my eye brows heal. 
Through proper aftercare and treatment, microbladed brows can last YEARS with only a couple of touch ups in between. 

I can not stress enough how important it is to see a professional. Ask questions. Feel comfortable and put yourself in good hands. THANK YOU to the beautiful staff at Lashing Out Studio and Spa in Waterloo Ontario. Check out their website and learn more about Microblading and the other wonderful services they offer - including Eyelash Extensions. There is even a BlaireBeauty video on their website from the experience I had from that procedure as well. 

More information and photos to come!!
BB xo