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Lauren Ernst

Happy Tuesday, Beautiful!

When it comes to jewelry, I prefer chunky, well made stunning pieces to set off any outfit. 

In years past, I would struggle to find pieces that were both unique but also well constructed to ensure that they would last the test of time, not change colour or break with frequent wear. 

NOW - I have a completely different problem. 

Thanks to Twisted Silver, I have stepped up my jewelry game in a HUGE way. 
Every piece is beautifully designed and crafted to ensure that the quality is high and the look and feel is unique. I couldn't love these gems ANY more. 

Today, I am rocking this spectacular chunky necklace that adjusts to different lengths. Giving you ultimate control over where it sits on your neck. To pair with it, check out these studs! They are unique and dainty but still a little edgy at the same time. 

Want to get your hands on some pieces? 
Now, Twisted Silver is jumping into the Christmas spirit by offering amazing jewels across their website. What's better? WE HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE!

At checkout, use the discount code BlaireBeauty to save yourself 15% off your purchase. 
Happy shopping! Snag some pieces for YOU and as gifts for the holidays. You'll be SO glad you did. 

Get Twisted!!
BB xo