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#BLT Brow Update


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

#BLT Brow Update

Lauren Ernst

HAPPY #BrightLipThursday!

No Filter. 
No Brow Touchups. 
Does it get any better in the makeup world? 
I think not. 

Thanks SO much for all of your feedback and questions on my Microblading post this week. 
Brows are healing beautifully, are a little itchy, but getting more and more comfortable. When it comes to beauty and beauty procedures, this is BY FAR the best thing I have done. 

To answer some FAQs-

Does it hurt?
Microblading is a technique that involves a registered professional making hair-like cuts in your eye brow region and adding ink to the cuts to create fuller more beautiful brows. Although numbing cream is used and re-applied throughout the process, it is not comfortable. The pain, however is temporary and is over with the moment the procedure is done. I noticed no discomfort after the fact. 

How long does it last?
Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that lasts for different amounts of time on different individuals. 6-8 weeks after your initial treatment, it is encouraged that you see your service provider for a touch up. This will ensure that your brows are full and the pigment has been properly absorbed and healed. From there, some can go up to 2 years without additional care. AMAZING!

Is it important to see a professional?
ABSOLUTELY. In this instance you get what you pay for. The procedure itself can be pricey and run anywhere from $500 and over, plus the cost of follow-up touch ups. BUT- let's not forget that this process is to achieve semi-permanent results. ON YOUR FACE. Do your research, trust your professional and only see the best. Marci at Lashing Out Studio and Spa in Kitchener Ontario Canada is spectacular. She knows her stuff, trains and re-certifies when needed and is passionate about what she does. 

More updates and information to come. Keep your questions and feedback coming!
Should you have any additional questions, fire away. Either I will answer them or have Marci follow-up with you on a response. 

Stay gorgeous! XO