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Lauren Ernst

When it comes to makeup, LIPSTICK is by far my favorite product. 
Need to look put together with minimal effort? A bold lipstick choice is the way to go. 

Recently, long wearing matte lipsticks are all the rage. Being able to apply lipstick at the beginning of your day and know that it will stand the test of time is something that lipstick lovers are looking for. UGH! With that though, comes dry and uncomfortable lips over the course of the day....UNTIL NOW

Thanks to a recent collaboration with Zamoux Cosmetics, THE BEST matte, long-wearing, moisturizing lipstick has been discovered. Over the course of the next several months, BlaireBeauty will be showcasing favorite lipstick shades and thoughts along the way.  Without hesitation, Zamoux's lipsticks are the nicest formula I have ever tested. They are smooth, moisturizing, VERY pigmented, and extremely long wearing. Where you place them is where they stay. 

Zamoux concentrates on three main things, when it comes to lipstick-

1) Skin-type matching. Very few cosmetic companies hone in on skin pigment and how lipstick looks on everyone. Check out Zamoux's skin-type match page to get YOUR perfect colour.

2) Formulation. Beautiful colours. Smooth application. Long wearing. AMAZING.

3) Hydrating Matte. Who says that matte lips need to be drying? Gone are the days where rocking a bold matte lip means sore lips at the end of your day. Zamoux's lippies are both matte AND moisturizing. So outstanding!

Stay tuned for more exciting information on all things Zamoux over the next few months. 
Partnering with a company that looks to best suit ALL skintones while producing an incredible product is inspiring. Something BlaireBeauty can really stand behind. 

Thank you to Zamoux for collaborating with BlaireBeauty! Here is to a long and beautiful partnership!