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Winner! Winner! - Marc Jacobs & Dave Lackie


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Winner! Winner! - Marc Jacobs & Dave Lackie

Lauren Ernst

Having passion and a true love for something is one thing. Pair that with someone who shares a similar passion and does an incredible job showcasing that passion on a global scale - even better. Enter, Dave Lackie. Many of you will recognize Dave from his frequent appearances on City Line. He is inspiring, incredibly active on social media and loves to share exciting new products with followers. Since discovering Dave, I have been inspired to review, test and demonstrate beauty products for all men and women with a goal to make them as care free, enjoyable and non threatening as possible. 

Thanks to YOU, BlaireBeauty has become successful in showcasing products and techniques that matter to you. Your product review suggestions, video series asks and feedback every step of the way has been outstanding.

Recently, Dave Lackie posted an outstanding giveaway on Twitter and via his website. Be sure to check out his website for information on future giveaways. They are happening ALL the time! One evening, I decided to try my hand at entering one of Dave's contests. Much to my surprise, I WON! And win did I ever. Over the past few weeks, I have been testing the Marc Jacobs Splash perfume collection. In 2016, Marc Jacobs released a beautiful line of lighter perfumes that truly showcase the best Spring has to offer. In scents of Cotton, Pear, Rain and Cucumber, these perfumes showcase a beautiful fresh light scent that lasts. What a gorgeous way to try them out. 

For your chance to win spectacular giveaways, get caught up on the latest in beauty and fashion, and keep your finger on the pulse, check out Dave Lackie's website. For more on Marc Jacobs and the 2016 Splash collection, you can find it here

Happy Monday, Gorgeous! xo