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Lauren Ernst

Just when I thought I couldn't be more blown away by the drugstore, I discover a new product. This time, a concealer - a product that traditionally isn't done well in the drugstore. 
Typically, I would take the plunge and purchase something that was a little more pricey to help drive longevity, wear or staying power. 

Not this time. 

Enter, The Cover Stick by Essence
This little gem is perfect for my fair-haired girls who want a concealer that is smooth enough for under eyes but dry enough for blemishes. I am currently digging a little deeper into shade range and consideration for a better selection to be released to suit all skin types. Stay tuned for updates there. 

Best part? It can be found in the drugstore for less than $4 Canadian. 
Check it out the next time you're at a local Shoppers Drug Mart and tag us in your posts. 
How did you find the concealer lasted on you? Did the colour range work well for you?
Photos please!

Stay gorgeous!
BB xo

Under eyes and blemishes ALL covered using this product. LOVE. No Filter. 

Under eyes and blemishes ALL covered using this product. LOVE. No Filter.