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Captain Sickie-Pants


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Captain Sickie-Pants

Lauren Ernst

'Tis the season. 
Colds, flus, not feeling our best - sometimes getting sick is unavoidable. 

Regardless of your illness, be sure to take some time to rest. 
YES. There is something to be said about pushing through, getting up for that workout or even pretending like you're not sick at all. BUT.....when the day comes, where you're stuffy, congested and just can't get warm. REST. 

When you're feeling up for it, I promise you, there are a few things that help ME alot. 
Get up. Have a shower. Get some non-comfy clothes on AND throw a little makeup on. 
I promise you! It helps!!!
(A little snuggle from the cutest little lady in history doesn't hurt either)

Drink your fluids, mama and get plenty of sleep!

BB xo