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YOUR Makeup Story


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

YOUR Makeup Story

Lauren Ernst

Hi Gorgeous!

When BlaireBeauty was born, never did we anticipate having the honour of learning YOUR beauty stories. 

Where did your love of makeup begin?
What is your first makeup-memory?
Who inspired you to dabble?

Join us as we feature the stories of men and women who love makeup, week over week. 

Looking to share YOUR story? Please reach out to BlaireBeauty directly and include photos!
We would love to showcase your story.

Thank you to all those who have reached out, thus far. Stay tuned! YOUR story is coming!
You are beautiful and inspire BlaireBeauty each and every day. 

BB xo

Lindsay's Beauty Story-

My mother always let my sister and I know that she thought we were beautiful, yet never dwelled on outward beauty as our most coveted characteristic. Growing up, it was clear to us that beauty was always considered to be more important coming from the inside out – kindness, generosity, conscientiousness, intelligence, gratitude, fairness and honesty – these were the things that made up a beauty. With that said, I also grew up in a household where the women clearly outnumbered “the man" - Dad (even our pets were female), and as such, of course there were conversations, tips and opinions on outward appearances and the way in which you present yourself to the world. Let’s face it, first impressions matter and while it’s easy to gain a little perspective on a person by how they physically present themselves to the world, it is far less easy to get a handle on how kind, generous, intelligent, gracious, etc. a person is off-the-bat, until you have a chance to get to know them. 

My general philosophy on make-up for myself (which was in large part influenced by my mother), is that less tends to be more, but at the same time, ‘more can be more’ on occasion and can also be a lot of fun! My mother very rarely, if ever, left the house or went a day without her essentials – the basics - and I am much the same. Moisturizer, mascara, a little blush and some lip-gloss, or lipstick in my mom’s case, were and are a staple. 

My mom was a lady who took pride in her appearance and believed it was important to present yourself in a way that demonstrates you care. While she was a “no fuss no muss” kind of minimalist in most ways - she regularly kept up with her hair care routine, which included hot rollers on an almost daily basis (even at the cottage), always took great care of her skin, wore small amounts of makeup, and dressed “smartly” (this would have been how she described her own style).

I remember my mom telling me about her own mother’s refusal to ever be seen without lipstick and how this carried on throughout her whole life, even when she was very sick with Parkinson’s Disease and in a nursing home. My mom reminisced that she couldn’t remember a day when my nana wasn’t rocking a red lip whenever my mom would go to visit her; right up until the day she passed away. I was just a baby when my nana died so I don’t have these memories of her, but hearing this always made me smile. 

My mother was a truly beautiful woman, inside and out, who left this world far too soon, but certainly not without first instilling in me a love and appreciation for all kinds, shapes and forms of beauty. These are the values about beauty that I intend to pass along to my own daughter – as I sit here writing this, 39 weeks pregnant and about ready to pop. I am so thankful for the influential women in my life - my mother, my sister, my aunts, cousins, and beautiful friends - who taught me about what it means to be beautiful and to love, be proud of and take pride in myself, my appearance and all the things that make me who I am. For me - a little mascara, blush and lip-gloss - are the cherry on top of what it means to be a beautiful woman.