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Polish Up, Baby!


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Polish Up, Baby!

Lauren Ernst

Oh, Hello There. 

Whether you live in a place where seasons come and go OR you live in consistently warm or cool temperatures, taking care of your BODY skin is key. Often times our faces steal the show and get all of the attention when it comes to exfoliation, moisturizing and care. What we need to remember to keep in mind is that our bodies need just as much love when it comes to skincare. Protecting your skin in the sun with sunscreen is key. If your body casts a shadow on the ground, the sun is out. Cover up and rock that sun protection, girl!

Weekly, consider exfoliating your skin with a gorgeous scrub that will help remove dead skin cells and promote regeneration. This will not only leave your skin looking and feeling beautiful but you will be smoother than smooth. Shaving will be a breeze and sunless tanner will apply like a dream. My most favorite body scrubs come from the beautiful brand mi-me skincare. These gems make all natural and some completely vegan products that treat your body and our animal friends with the care they deserve. To achieve the height of smooth, consider one or BOTH of these options.

Sugar Scrub: Perfect for those of us with more sensitive skin. Sugar scrubs are often a little more gentle and leave skin hydrated, moisturized and beautiful. Mi-Me's Vetiver Dark Sugar Scrub contains a mixture of incredible oils and coarse sugar that allows you to scrub away dead skin cells even in the shower! Because the grains are more coarse, you won't wash away this scrub before you're ready. Love this one before shaving legs. Not only is your skin left feeling incredible but it will make your shave even closer. 

Salt Scrub: Want to feel like you're at the spa IN YOUR OWN HOME? Enter the salt scrub. This crisp and clean smelling scrub takes care of your arms, legs, hands and feet in a way like no other. The Bright Lemongrass Salt Scrub leaves skin feeling toned, smooth and moisturized. Such a gorgeous product!

Stay tuned as BlaireBeauty dives deeper into some of mi-me's incredible products. 
Until then, give these two gems a try to get your skin Summer-ready and beautiful for the next time you rock that gorgeous bathing suit. Be sure to exfoliate before shaving, rather than after. That way, any granules in your scrub will be concentrated on removing dead skin cells rather than stinging your skin via open pores. 

Happy scrubbing, Gorgeous! xo