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MORE than Lipstick


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

MORE than Lipstick

Lauren Ernst

Happy #BrightLipThursday!

From the outside looking in, is makeup and beauty fairly fluffy? SURE. 
But, it has truly been a game changer. 
There is NOTHING better than striking up a conversation with a complete stranger about a lipstick shade or a question they may have around beauty.
The best part? Walking away from that conversation knowing that that woman now feels empowered to try something new. 

THANK YOU for making #BrightLipThursday MORE than just a day to wear pretty lipstick.
It is a day where we can use lipstick as the excuse to connect, chat and give positive feedback on something that makes us feel beautiful.

To me, there is NOTHING fluffy about that. 
BB xo

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