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Lauren Ernst

Happy #BrightLipThursday, Beautiful!

No secrets here - BlaireBeauty ADORES a bold lipstick. 
A bold lipstick goes with almost everything.
A bold lipstick makes you look put together.
A bold lipstick amps your confidence in a single swipe. 

I've said it here before - the BEST things to pair with a BOLD lip are healthy skin and stunning face makeup. Thanks to an incredible partnership with The Truth Beauty Company I have found a spectacular mix of products that are having an impact on so many ways.


1) By Introducing me to some great natural/clean/green solutions to skincare. 
After the birth of my incredible daughter, I saw immediate changes to my skin. 
Suddenly, I was breaking out on my face and experiencing skin issues I had never experienced before. Now, I feel like I have started to combat my skin issues by really honing in on a consistent routine. Thankfully, I have discovered some spectacular products to get me there. 

French Pink Clay Konjac Face Sponge, by Wyld Skincare
This little gem helps to clean and gently exfoliate your skin, while leaving behind the rejuvenating benefits of clay. Who knew that a little, biodegradable sponge could pack such a mean punch to leave skin clean, nourished and ready for whatever you have in store for it. 

ICOQ-10 Toner, by Indie Lee
Fresh, hydrating, pH-balancing and alcohol free. This spray toner is a perfect addition to any skincare routine to leave skin soft, pore-free and hydrated. Gone are the days where your skin will be left feeling tight or uncomfortable after washing it. Spray directly onto skin or apply with a cotton pad. Either way, you will instantly feel refreshed and ready for makeup.

2) GREAT makeup CAN be clean.
Would it be spectacular to be able to rock zero makeup and only wear lipstick? 
Goodness, would I adore that. Do I have a love for wearing makeup but love looking flawless and natural? You're darn right.

ENTER - A foundation that has been a game changer. 
Typically, more "natural" foundations don't pack a mean enough punch for me. 
Either they are fairly sheer, too skin-case based or don't come in the formulation that I enjoy. 
Boy, have I been missing out. Vapour's Organic Beauty's Atmosphere Luminous Foundation is OUTSTANDING. It comes in a stick and applies like a dream.
With just a couple of swipes on the skin and blended in with fingers, my skin looks and feels incredible. Hydrated, moisturized but not shiny. When set with powder, it lasts and looks beautiful ALL DAY. Interestingly enough too, it smells INCREDIBLE too. Super fresh and beautiful. 

Moral of the story......give NATURAL, GREEN and VEGAN a chance. 
I will continue to test and showcase some great products from The Truth Beauty Company. 
Jennifer, the fabulous owner, is giving me an education on how natural beauty is changing the game. Not only can you truly find products that WORK but that also take into consideration the planet that we love.

Check out The Truth Beauty Company and tell them that BlaireBeauty sent ya!
More to come. 
BB xo


WHAT??? Clear skin more naturally?? YES. It's possible. 

WHAT??? Clear skin more naturally?? YES. It's possible. 

Bright & Bold.

Bright & Bold.