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Lauren, You're Crazy.


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Lauren, You're Crazy.

Lauren Ernst

Hi Beautiful!

Thanks so much for taking the time to pop by and visit. We love having you here. 

Recently, I have received lots of questions around my morning routine.
Today - I answer your questions!

To be honest, today is THE perfect day to talk about these things because I was woken up (by my DOG!!!) 15 minutes before my alarm sounded - which is 4:10 am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Rather than using that as an excuse to turn my alarm off and sleep for another hour, I got up. Took the dog for a talk. Brought her home and dove into my workout. It just so happened that it was heavy. Difficult. Time consuming. Perfect. 

Was it mentally difficult? You better believe it. 
Thankfully, because I chisel these four days out of my week, at this crazy time, I give myself permission. Permission to,
Get stronger. 
Get increasingly mentally tough.
Give myself the time to take care of my body. 
Give myself perspective on my week and day to come. 
Spend time on my own, doing something that is really tough.

All of these things combined make for a better day. Even if I'm sleepy and relying on MORE coffee and lipstick than other days, I'm better for it. Tired and physically exhausted is far better than tired because your body is craving movement. 

If you would like a more indepth view into my workouts, what I eat, when I eat, how often I eat and my MOTIVATION for doing it all, let me know. Happy to write a series that reflects just that. 

Until then, don't roll over. Get up and move your body. 
Your worth it and your body will thank you.
BB xo

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