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Why am I Doing This? No, Seriously.


Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 

Why am I Doing This? No, Seriously.

Lauren Ernst

Whether it's learning a new language,
tying up your shoes before a long run,
having a difficult conversation,
picking up a barbell or diving into a new sport,
hard things are hard.

Recently, I leaned directly into something I never thought I would enjoy. 
To me, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is too close for comfort.
Proximity to your opponent, finding yourself in fight or flight scenarios, feeling out of control, learning to move your body in a new way, all of it was terrifying. 
The moment I realized that fear and discomfort were holding me back, I leaned in. 

Following a 2 hour intensive BJJ class with Jocko Wilink, Echo Charles and the Echelon Front Team, I was convinced.
Suddenly, the value became evident and the overwhelming nature of the sport became welcoming yet humbling beyond compare. 

Am I anywhere NEAR understanding the inner workings of BJJ? Not even close.
Am I humbled and motivated to train hard, soak up every second and lean on the incredible new family that have welcomed me in? You better believe it. 
Look at these silly photos! Dressed in the most ridiculous outfit for no-gi rolling (happens the last week of every month at our academy - where you don't wear a gi to train in) and I couldn't have a more goofy smile. I have never felt this strong. 

It has been less than three months that I have been taking class, and I've already seen a change in my body, my mind and my perspective. "Difficult" situations don't seem half as difficult any more. When you train as hard as the savages at the academy, difficultly, struggle and discomfort take on a whole new meaning. Now, I am even more motivated to lift heavy, eat well and get stronger. In such a short period of time I have seen a change in my body and my mind when it not only comes to fitness but to work and family as well. 

Try something hard.
Test your boundaries. 
I promise you, you'll seen beautiful changes inside and out. 

BB xo

image1 (59).jpeg

Could I look MORE silly AND happy? 

image2 (20).jpeg

Strong is beautiful, mama. xo