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Comfy Cozy, no more.


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Comfy Cozy, no more.

Lauren Ernst

“There is not comfort in your growth zone & no growth in your comfort zone”

It happened on Saturday.
It’s Tuesday.
I think I’ve come to terms that it happened. :)

I was in a Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ) competition after 3 months of training!
It was THE most incredible, difficult, overwhelming and awesome thing I have ever done.

Does part of me want no part of participating in future tournaments?
Does that mean that I need to do one again? You know it.

No makeup. No competition experience. Minimal BJJ knowledge. No problem.
I showed up, brought friends and family, pushed forward as hard as a could, and got a taste of the podium. Was I in a group of three and won Bronze? YES. Am I proud? Without a doubt.

Thank you for all of the love, support, compliments about being strong and a great role model for my daughter. All of it.

Whether you’re in a BJJ tournament, presenting at your next team meeting, starting a business, taking your beautiful baby to daycare for the first time, we ALL have hurdles we are working to bound over. Support one another. Be there. Love.

BB xo