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Advice, tricks, inspiration, reviews, and more on all things beauty. 


Lauren Ernst

Hi Gorgeous!

Hope you're having a wonderful Summer and staying COOL. 
If there is one thing I love more than the warm temperatures and gorgeous weather, it's partnering with incredible local beauty businesses to spotlight treatments that might bring YOU and your SKIN a new level or stunning. 

Collagen induction therapy, also known as microneedling, is a cosmetic procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles to help stimulate collagen production, increase blood flow and reveal fresh, new skin.

On June 28th, I had the incredible opportunity to work with Marci from Uptown Beauty Lounge to have this incredible procedure done. As you can see from the photos below, Uptown Beauty Lounge is gorgeous. Talk about the perfect mix between modern, cozy and welcoming when it comes to a spa. Here, you can have a sip of wine while have your hair done, a pedicure, or a facial. Bliss. 

Immediately, I was welcomed and taken to my treatment room where Marci applied numbing cream to my face. This would ensure that the treatment would not offer any level of discomfort. After all, sterile one-use needles are used in the treatment. After 30 minutes of relaxing in my aromatherapy room, with music and dimmed lighting, Marci joined me again to begin the procedure. All told, the treatment itself took 20 minutes - with very little discomfort. It was during this time that Marci did a targeted treatment on my areas of concern (line lines on my forehead, around my eyes and breakout scaring on my chin and cheeks), and explained the entire procedure as she went. Very comfortable and very informative. With every swipe of her microneedling wand, she applied a high potent serum to my skin which helped to plump and hydrate as she went. 

After the procedure itself, came the BEST part. A face mask.
This sheet mask not only treated the skin but ensured that the most powerful and effective ingredients had the chance to penetrate my freshly treated. Cooling, hydrating and relaxing. The best combination. For this part, Marci left the room and allowed me to kick back, relax and enjoy the relaxation. My skin felt incredible and plump. 

Once the mask was off and the treatment was complete, I saw a difference in my skin instantly. My skin was fresh, plump and very hydrated. Incredibly red and sensitive to the heat and sun but my goodness - SO rejuvenated. Days after, the benefits continued to show. Skin appeared more hydrated and fresh. Really neat to watch. Of course, I was sent him with impeccable after care and heaps of great information . and protocol to follow. Marci and her team are incredibly thoughtful and thorough when it comes to all of their treatments and procedures - no matter how casual or intense. 

Would I recommend this treatment to someone looking to refresh and give their skin a boost? Absolutely. Better yet, Marci encourages that a bit of a treatment plan that consists of having a microneedling facial done every 6-8 months. After experiencing one, I can definitely appreciate why. Never have I felt my skin feel more firm and hydrated, all at the same time. Looking to have it done? Uptown Beauty Lounge always has incredible promotions in effect. Check them out!

Looking for a funky way to give your skin a boost, without injectables? This is it. 
Have a blast, beauty and tell Marci and team that BlaireBeauty sent you
BB xo

A drink while you enjoy a spa treatment? Yes please. 

A drink while you enjoy a spa treatment? Yes please. 

The perfect mix of modern and class. Gorgeous!

The perfect mix of modern and class. Gorgeous!

Get comfy.

Get comfy.

Numbing cream on. Here we go!

Numbing cream on. Here we go!

Relaxing mask ON, post-treatment. So lovely!

Relaxing mask ON, post-treatment.
So lovely!

No filter. No makeup. Plump, firm, hydrated. Feeling ah-mazing.

No filter. No makeup. Plump, firm, hydrated. Feeling ah-mazing.

Connect. Collab. Share.

Lauren Ernst

Happy #BrightLipThursday, Gorgeous!

One of the BEST things about the beauty industry is how small the world is. 
Through the power of makeup, I am able to connect with men and women across the globe who love all things self care. 

Be it natural or not so natural beauty, I have been fortunate to collaborate with many incredible entrepreneurs and test heaps of incredible products. One of my fav things to put to the test is mascara. It is a staple in my everyday makeup routine and helps to tie together my go-to clean bronzed skin and bold lip. 

Thanks to a recent reconnection with the powerful Amy Willis, I had the chance to test Arbonne's "It's a Long Story" mascara. This clinically tested, water resistant formulation lengthens lashes beautifully and leverages a funky plastic wand to lift lashes UP, UP and AWAY. Nicest thing about this little gem is that the ingredients within the product help treat and condition lashes while you rock the product. Check out the product specs, here

Looking to get your hands on your very own tube? 
Check out Amy's page with heaps of fantastic information about this and many other clean beauty products. She's a babe and is always willing to help. 

As always, would love to hear your feedback!
BB xo


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Smooth as Silk, Naturally.

Lauren Ernst

Hi Lovely!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to stop by and say hello. 
Hope you're loving the gorgeous warmer temperatures and protecting your skin as your play outside. 

Thanks to the remarkable Jennifer at The Truth Beauty Company, I was introduced to a few stunning products. Check out THIS POST for a full review of some of my top picks. LOVE!

ONE of those beautiful products was Vapour Organic Beauty's The Atmosphere Luminous Foundation in the shade 115. This foundation not only blends into the skin seamlessly, it leaves behind calm, soothed and radiant skin. Thanks to the stick formulation, this product is quick and easy to blend into the skin with fingers and smells beautiful. I love rocking this with a little concealer over the top plus a little loose powder to set and lock things into place. 

Look and feel "lit from within" with this beautiful stick foundation. 
Stay tuned for more Vapour Organic Beauty reviews - coming your way this Summer. 

BB xo